The School Committee may permit children of potential residents to attend school in the district subject to the following conditions and presentation of clear and documented evidence of intent to reside in the district:

  1. A student whose parents or legal guardians are planning to move into the District may be granted provisional permission to enroll in the District schools at the beginning of the semester. The parents or legal guardians must produce an executed rental/lease agreement or a purchase and sales agreement which identifies the closing date for purchase of a house in the District at a time falling within the semester. A prorated tuition rate will be charged. The RATE FOR 2012-13 = $15,538. Divided by 180 days = $86.32/per day.

  1. A student whose parents or legal guardians produce an Occupancy Permit for a newly constructed house in the District may be admitted to the HWRSD before the family has taken up residence in the District provided that the house is not under lease or rental agreement.  A prorated tuition rate will be charged.  The RATE FOR 2012-13 = $15,538. Divided by 180 days = $86.32/per day as per the Massachusetts Department of Education.

  1. The parents must document to the satisfaction of the Superintendent that they will be permanently residing in the district within sixty (60) days.

  1. The acceptance of the students will be for an established time period.  If the time period expires and the Superintendent decides not to grant an extension of time and/or it appears that the parents will not be residing in the district, the Committee or the Superintendent reserves the right to notify the parents that the student will no longer be entitled to attend school in the district.

  1. Before enrolling their child at the beginning or during a semester, parents or legal guardians must sign a statement indicating that they understand that if they have not become legal residents in the District by the end of the semester, permission for their child to continue attending HWRSD will be denied and they will be required to transfer him/her to the school district of residence.

  1. A copy of this policy shall be given to the parent or legal guardian at the time of registration of the student.

  1. The Superintendent and/or Committee reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy in cases where extraordinary circumstances create a true hardship.

II.                Policy Review and Revision

        Review and revision of these policies and procedures shall occur as needed, but at least

every two years.

III.        Legal References

MA General Law Chapter 76, Section 5 and Section 6

Rate Updated: 2013

Amended 10/95; Amended 1/05

Rate changed 11/09/11 per DOE Info

Adopted: 1975

Review:  December 2, 2004