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TheatreFIT: For Schools and Groups of Students

1 Hour Each

1.5 Hours Each

2 Hours Each





Once Weekly (at least 4 in series)




2-3 Times Weekly (at least 6 in series)




TheatreFIT: For Apartment Complexes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Other Groups

Option A - hosting organization pays a flat fee

1 Hour Each

1.5 Hours Each

2 Hours Each





Once Weekly (at least 4 in series)




2-3 Times Weekly (at least 6 in series)




Option B - minimum number of participants; participants each pay a flat fee

8-Student Minimum

1 Hour Class

1.5 Hour Class

2 Hour Class

Cost Per Person




TheatreFIT: For Small Groups/Individuals

Cost Per Person

1 Hour Class

1.5 Hour Class

1 Person



2 People



3 People



4+ People



Productions and Performance Assistance

Prices for work on performances varies greatly depending on the scope of the work, but we are committed to working within your budget and trying our best to provide everything you need!

Here is just a small sample of some ways we can assist your production:

Here are some ways you can raise funds for your school’s theatre production:  

The end result:  You provide your students with an incredible, life-changing experience that will boost academic achievement, self-confidence, and promote strong community values and life skills in your school.


Please remember, we are always open to discussing your budget and seeing how we may be able to fit in!

Workshops and Classes

1 Hour Each

1.5 Hours Each

2 Hours Each

2.5 Hours Each

3 Hours Each







Once Weekly (or at least 4 in series)






2-3 Times Weekly (or at least 6 in series)






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Field Trips

1 - 25 Students:  $250.00 per 3.5 hour field trip

25 - 50 Students: $500.00 per 3.5 hour field trip

Teaching Artists and Technicians

First Hour On-Site (Covers Transportation and Planning)

Each Additional Hour On Site

General Teaching Artists (Directors, Choreographers, Music Directors)



Accompanists/Rehearsal Tracks






Technicians (Teaching)



Technicians (General or Performance Help)



*Hourly rates for Teaching Artists and Technicians carry a 2-hour minimum per day


By the Hour

By the School Day




Small Group (up to 8 channels)



Large Ensemble (9+ channels)



Custom Music Stands

Music Stand: $41.99 *subject to change

Add Ons: Color, Pattern, Logo, Text

Technical Maintenance and Design

Highwood offers a free, preliminary consultation/meeting - schedule one today!

Small Theatre

(i.e. black box or under 15 lighting fixtures)

Mid-Size Theatre

(i.e. lunchroom, gymnasium, or 16-30 lighting fixtures)

Large Theatre

(i.e. auditorium or more than 30 lighting fixtures)

Cleaning/Maintenance Package

Includes cleaning and inspection of all lighting fixtures, free safety cables as needed, and recommendations for repair/replacement or best use of equipment.





Includes creation of lighting plot (diagram) and refocusing of lighting fixtures for a general plot or a specific production.




Design (set, props, lighting, costumes)

Includes design meetings, comprehensive design/build plans (if necessary), and periodic check-ins during the building process.  We can also implement the design for you for additional costs.




Highwood can also build your sets, props, and costumes, or work with your students to build it!  If you don’t contract with Highwood to design a technical element, you are still welcome to have us build a particular prop or set piece (rates depend on build-time and materials).


Purchasing Equipment

Why purchase through Highwood?  Highwood is a non-profit organization and is not a reseller of equipment.  We have relationships with many companies who support us and offer us and our school partners the best rates possible.  Most schools save 20-30% by purchasing equipment, instruments, or other supplies through Highwood.

Transportation/Shipping - 7% to 10% of total order (depending on size of equipment purchased)

Note: unless we are separately contracted to install equipment, we will deliver your equipment to your school, but will not set it up.  Particular large (truck only) items may carry an additional transportation fee.

Installation - generally a flat installation charge depending on the scope of work.  This can range from hanging a light or hooking up wireless microphones, to installing full sound systems and hanging intelligent lights.

Note: some installations require special approval (including any electrical or structural work) from your local county school system; we can help with the process, though cannot complete the electrical/structural work ourselves. In most cases, we work with your local county school system or an outside authorized contractor to complete the electrical/structural work, then come in and complete our end of the installation.

Items we construct/source for you can always be picked up from Highwood for free.  If we deliver your items, there is fee of $1.50 per mile from Highwood.

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Last-Minute, Common Items Available for Purchase

Safety Cable

Computer/Iphone - to - Sound Board Connection Cords

Par Can Bulbs

Ellipsoidal Bulbs

Lighting Extension Cables

DMX Cords (5’-100’)

Microphone Cords (5’-100’)

Speaker/Instrument Cords

Gaffers Tape

Glow Tape

Lighting Clamp


Screws, Nails, Other Accessories

Renting Equipment

Why rent through Highwood?  Highwood offers the lowest rental rates around, and each rental includes designing based on your needs, and set-up/take-down of the equipment.  We’re also trained professionals who can recommend the best equipment depending on your event (theatre performance, dance concert, orchestra recital, school dance, school auction, and more).  We’re on call if anything happens to the equipment during your rental, and can often fulfil last-minute rentals!  And, of course, Highwood can always provide technicians to run equipment for your event or performance.

Don’t see something on this list - that doesn’t mean we don’t have it!  Please contact us!


Price per Week/Price per day (up to 3 days)


Price per Week/Price per day (up to 3 days)

Digital Lighting Control (computer and control)


Wired, Handheld Microphone


8-Channel Light Board


Wireless, Subminiature Headset Microphone *inquire for details


Lighting Truss

Varies depending on size

Wireless, Handheld Microphone


T-Lighting Stand


Hanging, Area Microphone


Intelligent Light


Drum Microphone Set


Follow-Spot (short throw)


Audio Snake (10+ Channels)


LED Lighting Fixture

Varies depending on model

Audio Snake (8 Channels)




Mic Cord/Stand

Included with mic rental, by request

Par Can


8-Channel Analog Sound Board


Dimmer Pack


16-Channel Analog Sound Board


DMX Cord


32-Channel Analog Sound Board


Safety Cables, Clamps

Included with all light rentals

32-Channel Digital Sound Board *inquire for details; must include technician


DMX Fog Machine




Strobe Light/Black Light




Powered Speaker


4x8’ Stage Platform *additional delivery fee applies


Power Amplifier


Pipe and Drape

$18.00/$6.00 (per arch)

Speaker Stands

$2.00/$0.66 (with speaker only)

Curtain (black, long)


¼” or instrument cord


*Rental items can always be picked up from Highwood for free.  Delivery and pick-up of items carries a fee of $2.50 per mile from Highwood (this includes both delivery and pick-up).  If a trunk is needed for large items, additional fees may apply.

We also rent props, costumes, and set pieces!  Let us know what you need!

5% OFF if we can advertise our programs to your participants

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