Welcome to Megaphone TV 4.0

Megaphone TV is excited to announce Megaphone TV 4.0, packed with new features for you and your viewers.

Here's what's new in Megaphone TV 4.0...

MegaChatter 2.0

Protected Polls and Quizzes

Share Your Vote

Live Reactions 2.0

Productivity Enhancements

Let's take a look at Megaphone TV 4.0's new features in more detail, starting with MegaChatter 2.0.

MegaChatter 2.0

MegaChatter 2.0 turns the second screen into a chat room where viewers can engage with the broadcast further than ever before.

Twitter Chat - Between Polls

Social Feed - During a Poll

MegaChatter Key Features

Using MegaChatter

To set up MegaChatter for use with your show, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Megaphone Studio.
  2. Select Editor.
  3. In Editor, select MegaChatter.
  4. In MegaChatter, select Settings.
  5. For Account Name, enter your show's Twitter account name.
  6. If your show has multiple accounts, such as a news anchor's Twitter account, enter those accounts under Additional accounts.
  7. To automatically hide objectionable content, select Hide messages with profanity.
  8. To add text to the end of every message sent through MegaChatter, enter that text under Add the following text to all messages sent through MegaChatter.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Open Director.
  11. In Director, select Reset Application.

MegaChatter will now appear on second screen, and in the bottom-left of Director, as shown below.

MegaChatter in Megaphone Studio's Director

After MegaChatter is ready for use, you can return to Editor's MegaChatter dashboard at any time to change hashtags or accounts to match the topic of the day, feature a message for sponsorship, hide a message, or reconfigure MegaChatter's second-screen display.

To hide or a specific message in MegaChatter, use MegaChatter's Messages panel:

Protected Quizzes and Polls

With a single click, enable Protected Mode to help prevent users from tampering with poll results and cheating at quizzes.

When a poll or quiz is protected, viewers will be asked to log into Facebook before voting or answering questions:


Protected Mode is available for both realtime broadcast polls and Megaphone Web Polls.

Note that when you want to maximize participation, or if you'd rather not require Facebook log in, simply turn off protected mode. We leave it up to you—it's only a mouse click away!

Using Protected Polls

  1. In Megaphone Studio, select Editor.
  2. Select Playlists.
  3. Select the playlist you want to protect.
  4. Select Playlist Settings.
  5. Click Protect Playlist.
  6. Activate your playlist.
  7. In Director, select Update Playlist.

Your playlist is now protected! Users will be asked to log into Facebook before participating in your quiz or poll.

Share Your Vote

Share Your Vote lets your viewers post their votes to Twitter with a single click or tap.

With Share Your Vote, your viewers can express their opinion on topics that matter most to them, while promoting your coverage and bringing new viewers to your content.

To enable Share Your Vote for your show, contact your Megaphone TV representative.

Live Reactions 2.0

Live Reactions—Megaphone's popular "emoji voting" product—has added new visual effects including Wave, Fountain, and Fire. For added visual interest, Live Reactions can now also be configured to show multiple reactions per vote (e.g., show three smileys every time a viewer taps or clicks).

To configure Live Reactions 2.0 for your show, contact your Megaphone TV representative.

Easy Theme Selection

With a single click, choose your show's theme for an entire playlist or a single scene.

To Select a Theme for a New Playlist

  1. In Editor, select Playlists.
  2. Select Add Playlist.
  3. Select the desired theme.

To Select a Theme for an Existing Playlist

  1. In Editor, select the desired playlist.
  2. Select Playlist Settings.
  3. Under Playlist Theme, select the desired theme.
  4. Select Director.
  5. Select Update Playlist.

To Select a Theme for an Individual Scene

  1. In Editor, select the desired scene.
  2. Open the Theme menu.
  3. Select the desired theme.

Manage Media for All Playlists

Set sponsor, show, background, and foreground images or videos for all of your playlists in a single, central location.

To select media for All Playlists

  1. In Editor, select Settings.
  2. Select Defaults.
  3. Under Default Media, select the image or video you want to appear in your playlists both on air ("Screen") and on second-screen ("Mobile," "Tablet/Desktop").
  4. Select Save.

Your Default Media settings will be used for scene or playlist that doesn't, itself, already have media selected.

Customizable Device Header Image

To select a "header image" to appear at the top of viewer devices, under Show Media, select an image for "Mobile" and "Tablet/Desktop".

Copy Scenes Between Playlists

Copy scenes from one playlist to another without recreating them from scratch. Great for commonly used bulletins and evergreen questions such as "Will the home team win tonight?"

To Copy a Scene to a Playlist

  1. In Editor, select desired playlist.
  2. Select Import Scene.
  3. Select the playlist that contains the scene(s) you'd like to import.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Select all desired scenes.
  6. Select Import Scene.

We'd Love to Hear From You!

Thanks for all the amazing content you create with Megaphone. If you have any questions or feedback, please email support@megaphonetv.com.

We hope you like Megaphone TV 4.0!