This video will explain OWL’s Self-Registration Feature. Let’s start with an example.Perhaps you have an employment screening activity built in the OWL Test Management System. You want to send your candidates an email with a link; so that when they click the link they will see this Welcome Screen and be guided through OWL’s Registration process.

The self-registration feature can be used to:

  • Set up New Accounts
  • Add to Assignment Rosters
  • Enroll users in a Classes

You can make your registration available to new users, existing users or both as show here:

When a new user clicks the create button they will see the registration form.

This feature offers several benefits including:

  • Automating Account Set-up
  • Validating Email Addresses
  • Allowing Users to Create Passwords
  • Linking Assignments using OWL Flight Path

Now I will log in as a System Administrator and show you the steps for using this feature. Start by going to the Testing Menu and selecting Self Registration. This is a two step process. Step 1: Set up the Registration - Who can use it?  What it will be used for? Step 2: Generating the Codes - Here you will create the links to share.

STEP 1: Setting Up the Registration

I will create a new code from scratch by clicking the create button. You can always edit and existing code by clicking on the edit icon. This is the form for defining your registration.

1. First give your registration a name to help you find it in the OWL list pages

2. Then provide a description. This is a custom message that people see on the Welcome screen

3. If you need to disable your registration in the future you can this checkbox.

4. Now choose who is eligible to use this code -- existing OWL users, new users, or both. This selection determines which of the two buttons the person sees on their Welcome screen.

5. Here you can determine if you want the activation to be automatic or require an email validation. Email activation is a good idea if you plan to send notifications.

6. If you want to include an ID field for something like a student ID, click “Show” or Require” to make that field be part of the account set-up form.

7. Finally, we need to add some targets. Targets define what the registration will do. By default you can add new users to your domain. Use this drop down to indicate the roles.

Then Click the add button to give the registration a second target. We’ll select our Candidate Screening Assignment and select the role of Student. Be sure to click Save, then Done. And you will return to the Registration List Page.

STEP 2: Generating the Codes

So that was step one setting up the registration event.  Now let’s look at step two, generating the actual code. s. First click the control for viewing and creating codes next to the new registration in the list page. The buttons at the top are the controls.

1. Select how many you want to create.

2. Choose if they can be used one-time or unlimited.

3. Click Create
Now you will see a row in the table for each code. To look at any events use this expand arrow.
If you are just working with a few codes, you can simply select the link, copy it, and paste it into your email.

4. To disable an individual code, select it with the checkbox and click disable.

5. If you are working with several you can select them with the checkboxes and click export so that a spreadsheet file will be generated to download.

When I close the code creator, I am returned to the Registration List Page.

And that is how you use OWL’s self-registration feature. Thank you for your time, and for choosing the OWL Test Management System.