Payroll Processes That Aren't Routine

Session A | Notes taken by Silvia Avila & Taryn Tarighati


  1. Is Excel to CI available on CRC website?
  1. Yes, available (D.Sanchez)
  1. M_AM_District_Balances query only shows active employees, not terminated employees?
  1. Correct. Only active employees (S.Fernandez)
  1. Is there a different versus the system inserting SWB or an employee? (L.Vaca)
  1. No. Insert a row for SWB with correct effective date
  1. Is there a query for Gen_Ded to show a list of employees even if they are inactive?
  1. No. Submit a HT to CRC to create a query that includes all employees
  1. Do you override rates for employees on SWB? (L.Vaca)
  1. Yes, do rapid time and helps upload(E.Garcia)
  1. Do you keep a separate database for your hourly rates? (spreadsheets for employees changing job positions)
  1. We have spreadsheets that each month will get updated and that helps out a lot
  1. How do you handle retros for employees on SWB?
  1. We have a separate sub positions
  1. Do overrides rates for create additional pay changes?
  1. Yes, the only time it changes if there is a change with pay. Check end dates. Use day after term date
  1.  What advice would you give to your replacement?
  1. Follow instructions. When employees are on SWB do not touch them
  1. Oceanside - How do you code coaching for DBT? (P.Rubio)
  1. Go to DBT (put coaching earn code), split % of full amount to go to each combo code.
  1. On upload, can combo code be targeted? (J.Markley)
  1. It is a customization.
  1. Are summer hours related to PERS? Coded as sub positions
  1. Retirement will send a notification to identify employees that need to be retirement eligible.


  1. Notes: L.Vaca - Return from SWB before paysheets are created and system will not bring them back.