Regarding the question which books you should read?

First of all it’s the bible you should read. That is the only book you will ever need.

Then comes the question which Bible version should i read?

If you are english speaking then you should read the king james bible. If you are swedish then you should read the king james bible. Because there is no correct bible available for sale in swedish.

Then comes the question which king james bible should i buy?

It's the 1611 version of the king james bible that is the right one. Not the 1769 version. So you should buy the 1611 version of the Authorized version (AV).

Often you can find these bibles in your national internet bookstore. Search on ISBN number. First find the book on the international publishers homepage. Take the isbn number and put it directly into google or into the search field of the national internet bookstore.



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King James Bible

400th Anniversary Edition

Edited by Oxford University Press

Gordon Campbel


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Roman fonts, AV1611

The bible you need is also available for free on the internet. It is the 1833 edition.

One exception to this was a scrupulous original-spelling, page-for-page, and line-for-line reprint of the 1611 edition (including all chapter headings, marginalia, and original italicization, but with Roman type substituted for the black letter of the original), published by Oxford in 1833.   --- Wikipedia

Here are links to it:

How often should i read in the bible?

I recommend that you read the new testament of the king james bible for an hour every day. Start the day by an hour of reading in the new testament. Reading the old testament can be done in addition to that hour of reading of the new testament but its optional.

So do I have the inerrant written word of God now when i have the king james bible?