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Limmud Oz Authors 2021
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Limmud Oz Sydney 2021 Author List

Devorah Weiner

Title: Human Rights for Refugees and Other Marginalised Persons: A Midrash Methodology

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Dr Batsheva Marcus

Title: Sex Points

Benny Lau 


The Sages, vol. I: The Second Temple Period (2010), Maggid Books

The Sages, vol. II: From Yavneh to the Bar Kokhva Revolt (2011), Maggid Books

The Sages, vol. III: The Galilean Period (2013), Maggid Books.

Jeremiah: The Fate of a Prophet (2011), Maggid Books

Janna Gur 

Janna Gur Website

Bettina Bock (Ebert)

Title: And I Shall Live

Amy Jill Levine

Suzanne Leal

The Deceptions (Allen & Unwin); The Teacher's Secret (Allen & Unwin)

Tim Darcy Ellis

Title: The Secret Diaries of Juan Luis Vives: A Novel

Michoel  Gourarie

Title: “All on a Thursday Morning” – a great resource  for personal growth.

Suzanne D. Rutland

Title: Lone Voice: the wars of Isi Leibler (Hybrid, 2021)

Ghil’ad Zuckermann

Title: Revivalistics - From the Genesis of Israeli to Language Reclamation in Australia and Beyond

Bettina Ebert

Title: And I shall Live

Arnold Zable:

Jan Lanicek:

Keren Hammerschlag:

Rebecca Margolis:

Tuvia Book:

Lisa Leff: