WHEREAS I/We, [Executant1 e.g. Anil Gupta] and [Executant2 e.g. Pooja Gupta],

presently residing at [YOUR CURRENT RESIDENCE ADDRESS (write outside India address if you are not in India – e.g. 123 river rd, MA, USA]

and [BUILDER/COMPANY NAME WITH ADDRESS- e.g. M/s UNITECH Pvt Ltd., New Delhi] (herein referred to as ‘Company/Corporation’).


I/We jointly approached company/corporation to purchase an apartment and company/corporation agreed to sell the apartment number [EXACT FLAT NUMBER – e.g. A101] in the [PROJECT NAME AND ADDRESS e.g. ABC project, Sector 11, Gurgaon, Haryana].


The apartment has the size of [AREA e.g. 1200] Sq. Ft. with [NUMBER e.g. 1] open car parking at the rate of INR [PURCHASE PRICE] per Sq. Ft.

Now, I/We the above described as [Executant1 e.g. Anil Gupta] and [Executant2 e.g. Pooja Gupta] do hereby appoint, nominate and substitute [NAME OF POA HOLDER e.g. ABC SHARMA] resident of [POA HOLDER’s ADDRESS IN INDIA – e.g. 111, Old road, Delhi -110006] as and to be my/our true and lawful attorney, for me/our in my/our name and on my/our behalf to do the following acts:

  1. To sign, execute any deed for receiving the possession of the said apartment described above on my/our behalf and to execute any other document necessary to accomplish the aforesaid purpose.

  1. To represent me/us in the office of [BUILDER/COMPANY NAME WITH ADDRESS- e.g. M/s UNITECH Pvt Ltd., New Delhi] to make payment of the balance sale price and all the amounts due and payable under the said agreement, to sign and deliver any letter, document and/or representation in connection with the possession of said apartment.

  1. To represent me/us and sign on our behalf in the office of the sub-registrar for the purpose of registering the property and pay the requisite stamp duty to government.

  1. To represent me/us for the purpose of renting out the apartment, receive the rent and sign the necessary documents with the [PROJECT NAME] RWA (Resident welfare association) as applicable.

  1. I/us do hereby agree and undertake to ratify, confirm and be bound by what me/our said attorney shall or purport to do or cause to be done by virtue of those present as if the same have been done by me/us personally.

Witness 1 Name and signature         [___________]

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Executant 1 Passport size Picture[___________]

Executant 1 Name and Signature         [___________]

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