LEAD 3972

2019 NYC-San Francisco Summer Internship Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply: Please access the application through the link listed below


Can I apply as a freshman or sophomore?

For this program employers prefer juniors or seniors, so priority will be given to those students. With the desire for juniors and seniors in internships, freshman are dissuaded from applying and sophomores may apply if they have completed their sophomore year upon the start of the summer.


Are the internships paid?

Going into this program it is important to assume that the internship will not be paid, but all students will receive 3-credits upon course completion.


Is a placement guaranteed?

Every student who is accepted will be provided a placement.  However, it is important you remain open and flexible for options in your area of interest.


How many credits would I receive by taking this course?

Students who complete the course receive 3-credits. Students will have 1 week of course classes on the UMN campus before and after the 6- week internship, totalling 8 weeks. The dates for this year’s program are June 10th-August 1nd, 2019. Students will be on-site in New York City or San Francisco June 17th- July 28th, 2018.

The pre-departure classes will be Monday - Thursday, June 10 - 13 from 10:00 - 3:00

The classes following your return to the Twin Cities will be Tuesday - Thursday, July 30- August 1 from 9:00 - 5:00.


When will I know my placement?

It varies. The time frame for internship placement varies. Some students know within a few weeks prior to departure, some the week before, and for some the placement might be finalized within the first few days. Every student enrolled in the internship program will receive a placement.

Do I have to be in the Leadership Minor to apply?

The internship program is open to all students to apply, but priority will be given to Leadership Minor students using this course to fulfill the Field Experience requirement.


How many openings are there for each site and are their priorities for the selection process?

Each internship site has 16 openings each summer. Of the 16 openings, 8 seats are reserved for domestic UMN students and 8 seats are reserved for international students currently studying at the UMN. Priority is given to Leadership Minor students using this course to fulfill the Field Experience requirement.

When is the deadline for applying and is there an application fee?

The priority deadline is October 15, 2018. Applications will continue to be accepted until seats are filled, through January 23, 2019.

Non-refundable fees

After March 15, 2019, the deposits for student housing and airfare (total of $800) is nonrefundable.  

Can I apply to both cities?

Applicants must select their preferred city when applying.  If your preferred site fills and there are openings for the other site, we will contact you to see if you are interested in changing locations.


How do I apply?

The application to apply for Summer 2019 is listed below. Applicants will submit the requested information and then will receive further information about the next steps in the application process.



Is financial support available?

Yes, there is a variety of financial support available through multiple outlets at the University. if you are in the Leadership Minor and will be taking this course as the Field Experience, you can apply for a financial award.


If you are not a Leadership Minor student, some colleges offer scholarships for unpaid internships.  Contact your collegiate Career Services Office for more information:


How does the internship placement process work?

Our on-site city partner will come to the UMN campus in January or February to conduct informational interviews with participants to learn about their areas of interest.  The on-site staff assist with scheduling interviews, which will occur by phone, skype, facetime, or other technical avenues.


If I am an international student, do I need to apply for work authorization?

Applying for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is required for paid internship or internships in which you are receiving benefits with monetary value. Most internship will not require CPT.

If I am nervous about my English language skills, will these internships be a good fit for me?

Our partners, the Academic Internship Council, work with students from around the world on a daily basis. The Council works with students who speak multiple languages and are used to global accents. International students accepted into the program in the past have been extremely successful in their internship site.

What is the housing situation?

At the New York City site, students reside in NYU student housing with kitchen facilities.  At the San Francisco site, students reside in a residence hall-style facility in Nob Hill. Kitchens are not stocked and students need to provide bedding.


Is it possible to hold another job or take another class in addition to the internship?

As the internship is full-time, participants are not able to hold another job or take other courses in addition to the internship.


If I have family in the area, can I stay with them?

Being a cohort-model course and that our on-site partner is responsible for health and safety, participants of the program cannot stay with their family in the area.


What is the program fee and what does it cover?

The approximate* cost is $6225 and it covers:

$4,500 to Academic Internship Council for:

$1,240  3-credit tuition

$425 airfare

$55  airport/housing transfer

 *The fee will be finalized at the time of registration. It does not cover food or cost for public transportation.