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Anthrocon Artists Alley Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions

By participating in Artists Alley, you are agreeing to abide by these Rules, Terms, and Conditions outlined herein. Furthermore, you acknowledge that the interpretation and enforcement of these official Rules is solely the jurisdiction of Artists Alley Management. Attempting to circumvent these rules, or engaging in any practice that is deliberately contrary to management interpretation of these Rules is strictly prohibited. Individuals found to be deliberately violating these Rules may be subject to administrative action, up to but not limited to removal from the convention.

Welcome to Anthrocon Artists Alley, a place for artists to sell their original works of art.

The Artists Alley is not the Dealers Room, and is not intended to be used as a free alternative to it. To enforce this, we have established the Artists Alley Rules Below

Table of Contents

Quick Reference Guide

1.1: How to get into Artists Alley

Artists Alley will operate on a lottery system to assign seats prior to the convention. During the convention, seats will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

The system is designed to give every artist a chance at getting a table for at least one day, and possibly more.

To register/enter the lottery for a seat in the Alley, follow these steps. Lottery signups are handled online, ahead of the convention.

  1. Pre-register for the convention prior to signing up. 
  1. Note that due to registration not providing badge numbers up front, you may now register for the lottery without a badge, but you must be pre-registered to qualify for the lottery
  1. Sign up on the lottery online. Use this form to sign up. Signups will open and close on the dates shown at the top of this page.
  2. All applications will be vetted, and only pre-registered attendees will be eligible for the lottery. You may not participate in Artists Alley until you are a registered attendee
  1. Anyone who is not pre-registered prior to the lottery cut off date will have their lottery entry administratively revoked and will not receive a seat
  1. If you are not able to sign up before the signups close, please see the Stand-by section below.
  2. Check lottery results online. After signups close, a lottery will be conducted, and results will be posted to the Alley website prior to the convention, listing lottery winners, and the day or days they have won seats. The lottery will be completely randomized;. There is no assigned seating in Artists Alley, and requests for specific seats cannot be honored. The results will also be available at the convention at our on-site registration desk. Details on how exactly the lottery will be run can be found here.
  3. At the convention, arrive promptly to check in. Lottery Winner check in will occur no earlier than 1 hour prior to Alley opening, and you must claim your seat prior to 10 minutes before Alley opens. If you are late, you will not be able to claim your seat until after the Alley opens. Ten minutes after Alley opens, you may lose your seat to someone in the standby line, as we will begin filling all unoccupied seats at that time.
  4. Check in with us and pay. Check in at the Alley Check-In desk, located on Concourse B, next to Registration and pay your fee(s).
  1. You may check in for any days you have received a lottery seat on your first day. We will issue passes for all days you pay for.
  1. This means if you have a seat for all three days, you may check in Friday, and go directly into the Alley on Saturday and Sunday with your daily pass one (1) hour before general opening
  2. Daily passes will not be reissued, so DO NOT LOSE THEM.
  3. You may also check in on each individual day and pay at that time, if that’s your thing.
  1. Payment must be made in full for the day you are checking in via cash, credit card, or postal money order, for you to receive a hall entrance pass. If you want passes for multiple days, you must pay up front.
  2. Refunds for unused entrance passes will not be issued
  1. After payment, You will also be issued one or more daily entrance passes into Hall C, usable prior to business hours.
  1. You may use your entrance pass exactly once, and readmission to the Alley is not possible until general opening. No day passes will be reissued, so please plan accordingly.
  2. Restroom facilities are available in the Hall for your usage. If you need to get anything done before entering the Hall, please do so prior to using your entrance pass.
  1. If you do not show up on time to claim your seat, it may be given to someone waiting in the standby line. Refunds for unused entrance passes will not be issued.
  2. Claim your space. When you enter Hall C, you may select any seat that is still unoccupied. You may not save seats for other artists. If you wish to sit together with certain other artists, make sure to arrive together and claim your spots together.
  1. You may not bring any other person into the Alley prior to general opening without authorization. This includes friends, roadies, assistants, partners, or anyone else. If you require special accommodations, please let Artist Alley Management know, and we will be happy to assist you however we can.
  1. Record your location. Before we open for the day, but after you've settled in, come to the Artists Alley Front Desk to help us make the day's Alley map by recording your name and location on the large poster board.
  1. The map will be conspicuously posted where customers can find it. This is MANDATORY, as the map is our first line of communication to customers looking for your seat!
  1. Sell Sell Sell! You may begin making sales as soon as customers are allowed into Hall C. You may continue sales until Artists Alley closes, at which time you are required to cease sales, clean up your area, and depart the Alley immediately for the day.

1.2: Stand-By!

If you didn't win the Artists Alley lottery, or sign up for it, you may still be able to get a seat at the convention. If other artists fail to show up on time, or later in the day an artist chooses to leave early, you may receive a seat on a first-come

first-serve basis. Below are the steps required to give you the best chance:

  1. "Take a number". Backfills into the Alley will be handled on a first-come first-serve basis. Form a line in the designated area near the Artists Alley Front Desk, and we will begin signing Artists up in the order you appear using the on-site "deli" system. We will not begin signing up new artists using this system until approximately 10 minutes after the opening of the Alley.
  1. Be available. When your turn comes up in line, you will need to be present to claim your table. If you leave the line, we will process the next available person in line when a seat is open.

Although Artists Alley tries to be as fair as possible to give everyone a chance to get a seat, we cannot guarantee everyone will get one. This is particularly true if you didn’t register for the lottery, you're not at the con for the full weekend, you do not enter the standby line for each day, or we get more artists signing up than we have seats avaiable (with the current layout that's 128 seats over 3 days, or 384 seats).

If you require more certainty for your visit, we invite you to pursue one of our Dealers Room tables.

2.1: Artists Alley Rules of Conduct

No portion of these Rules of Conduct shall be taken to counteract, rescind, modify, or otherwise interfere with the Official Anthrocon Standards of Conduct. All rules of conduct outlined in that document are applicable in Artists Alley, and violation of those Standards may result in removal from Artists Alley.

Summary: Artists Alley is for artists to sell their own goods at their own table. Hide your adult stuff against exposure to minors, stay at your table, keep your space tidy, and clean up when you leave. Bring only a small amount of

stuff. Be nice to your neighbors and customers. Have a valid sales-tax license for Pennsylvania. Don't do anything illegal or unsavory, and try to stay cool.

  1. Anthropomorphic theme. Items offered for sale in the Anthrocon Artists Alley should be related to the scope of the convention (i.e., anthropomorphics and related fields), or directly related to the convention theme.
  2. Participant Age. All participants in Anthrocon's Artists Alley are required to be at least 18 years of age (the legal age of majority in Pennsylvania) on or prior to, the first day of the convention, in order to participate in Artists Alley.
  3. Regarding mature/adult artwork. Items and artwork of an adult or mature nature may be sold provided they are kept from general public view. Such items must be covered or similarly shielded according to specifications listed below:


  1. Eye of the beholder. The decision regarding what is and what is not appropriate material for display will be solely the jurisdiction of Artists Alley Management, and their decision is final.
  2. Public exposure. ARTISTS MUST BE AWARE THAT MEMBERS OF THE PRESS, CITY OFFICIALS, AND OTHER MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY BE PRESENT IN HALL C DURING REGULAR HOURS. All signs, banners, standing displays, etc. must therefore abide by a strict "PG" or less rating. Any display that may be damaging to Anthrocon's public image is strictly forbidden. Failure to remove offending materials may result in removal from Artists Alley.
  3. Identifying minors. Minors will be clearly identified by their alternative membership badges. Minor badges have an orange background behind the name, and a bright orange reverse side of the badge. If you have questions, please contact Artists Alley Management. It is solely the responsibility of the Artist to ensure that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. If you are in doubt, you may ask your client for alternate identification before allowing him or her to view mature/adult materials.
  4. Major Minor consequences. Artists who are found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that they can be viewed by minors and/or openly by the general public will be afforded a single warning;
  1. Space constraints. ARTISTS ALLEY IS NOT A "CHEAP DEALER TABLE." Treating it as such may subject you to removal from Artists Alley. Artists Alley is for artists to create and sell artwork, not for merchandise vendors.
  1. Do not move the tables. Ever. If there's a table that needs to be moved, or you have chair related issues, contact Artists Alley Management.
  1. Height Restrictions. Standing displays taller than 15 inches on the table are prohibited.
  1. Your Space, not “You + Everything a second person carried”. Artists Alley table space is intended to hold the amount of stuff that one person can reasonably carry into the area.
  1. No encroaching or overhanging. All items must remain in the space provided without encroaching on the spaces to either side of yours, and without hanging over the surface of the table. You may drape a sign in front of your table, but if you have so much stuff to sell that it won't fit in the space, you may instead wish to consider getting a table in the Dealers Room.
  1. Alley space is for Alley artists only. The only people who should be behind Artists Alley tables are artists who have participated in the Artists Alley lottery or on-site signup and are approved to be participating in Alley that day.
  1. Show and Sell. Seats are available to artists wishing to display and sell artwork of their own creation. If you are not displaying and selling your own artwork, you must not occupy a spot in the Alley. Displays may be public, private, or a combination, provided they conform with the rules for proper display of material to minors.
  2. Your art only! Sales of anything other than artwork of the artist's own creation is prohibited in Artists Alley. Examples include but are not limited to:
  1. Not selling is not sitting. If you have nothing for sale, and you are not displaying any of your own artwork, you must forfeit your seat for the day.
  1. No Agent Smiths. Acting as an agent for artists, and/or reselling other people's art is prohibited.
  1. Table presence. The table must be occupied by the artist for the entire time the table is assigned to that artist.
  1. It's a sign! If you must leave briefly, please leave a sign behind indicating by when you expect to return.
  1. Too long. If you are gone too long and we must evict you from your seat in your absence, you will forfeit your seat for that day.
  1. To reduce your risk as much as possible, please help us avoid having to do this by keeping any absences short. If you really need the freedom to be away from your table for long periods of time, we encourage you to pursue a Dealer Table
  2. Panelist “Claws”. Exceptions to the absenteeism rules shall be made on a case-by-case basis for panelists. We appreciate you providing our convention with content!
  1. Leaving the Alley early
  1. Gone Like a Freight Train. All materials must be removed from the table when the artist checks out for the day. Anthrocon accepts no responsibility for materials left unattended.
  1.  Clean up. We request artists to kindly to remove any garbage before leaving the area. Anthrocon is responsible for leaving the Convention Hall in a "broom clean" condition. We are assessed an extremely steep fee if unreasonable amounts of waste, garbage, empty boxes, etc. are left behind when the room is vacated. Trash receptacles will be provided, especially for teardown on Sunday, and they are expected to be used by all Artists for disposal of waste.
  1. No power. Electrical power is unavailable to artists in Artists Alley. The power boxes in the floor under Artists Alley are disabled. Tampering with these devices is extremely dangerous (hazardous voltages may be present), and may result in injury, as well as removal from the Artists Alley and/or the convention for violation of the rules.
  1. Quiet claws. Items generating an unacceptable noise (by volume or nuisance) are prohibited. This includes portable stereos, computers, handheld game units, etc.
  1. Limited carry. Due to union regulations, artists may bring in only what you can carry on your own on one (1) trip, or in a small two (2)-wheeled luggage case.
  1. Tips. You do great work and deserve to be rewarded for it! You are authorized to accept tips at your table.
  1. Work it out. Anthrocon does not and cannot become involved in disputes between buyers and sellers in Artists Alley. Anthrocon's role is limited exclusively to providing you space to work on your art.
  1. Explicitly Prohibited Items. The following items are explicitly prohibited from sale in Artists Alley:
  1. No smokey! Smoking, vaping, and e-cigarette use is strictly prohibited in the entirety of the David L Lawrence Convention Center.
  1. No roughhousing! Roughhousing, shenanigans, or tomfoolery are strictly prohibited in the Artists Alley. This includes the use of any squirt guns, "Silly String" or any other projectile-type toy.
  1. Be chill. Anthrocon Artists Alley staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity.
  1. Trademark “claws”. No items may be produced or sold that bear the name "Anthrocon" or the Anthrocon logo. "Anthrocon" and the Anthrocon logo are registered service marks of Anthrocon, Inc.
  1. Invention. Anthrocon reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.
  1. Questions? If there are any questions about what items might be permissible, please contact the Artists Alley Manager (see contact page).

3.1: Communications Between Artists and Customers

4.1: Sales Process

To make a sale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a vendor (defined as a person collecting monies for the sale of merchandise or services) must have a Pennsylvania sales tax license, and additionally must be registered with local authorities

through the convention center for a vendor's permit.

Effective at Anthrocon 2019, due to increasing complexities associated with the consignment process, and numerous complaints by Artists and Customers, All artists shall be required to obtain a license to collect local and state sales tax, as well as provide evidence of the same to Anthrocon prior to engaging in sales in the Alley.

You (the Artist) will be responsible for collecting monies for artwork sales and commissions made at Anthrocon. Anthrocon will no longer be collecting any money for you or handling Sales Tax collection/remittance. That responsibility shall fall to you, the Artist.

In addition to any state, federal, and local requirements for sales tax/income collection/reporting, we recommend paying attention to the following practices:

Anyone found in violation of the requirement to possess and display a sales tax license at all times while engaging in business in the Artists Alley shall be subject to ejection from Artists Alley, as well as losing Artists Alley seat privileges for a period of time at the discretion of Alley Management. Further violations may result in prohibition from Artists Alley entirely or from the convention.

We apologize if this process seems inconvenient or convoluted, but the alternative involves consignment (the removal of which was supported by a majority of artists), or to forbid any sales from taking place whatsoever.

Congratulations, you have successfully participated in Anthrocon's Artists Alley!

5.1: Change/Revision Log