“East…Always Moving Towards Excellence!”

Our mission is to work with the school community to provide a safe educational environment where students are stimulated to become lifelong learners, equipped with the knowledge and analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills to meet the demands of college and/or careers as informed citizens in a globally competitive market.

Greetings Raider parents, guardians, and friends,

Week in Review

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We concluded our AP testing this week!  Great job to all of our students and staff who have worked so very hard over the year to prepare for this test!  I know our students did their best and I am very proud of their efforts!  Our Senior Graduation Committee concluded our preparations for our ceremony on the 22nd.  

Special thanks to Owen Donovan for representing East at the Board this year as our Student Body President.  Owen received recognition from the Board for his service to the school community.  Owen presented on monthly activities.  I enjoyed observing his growth as a writer and speaker and feel he is prepared for his future college endeavors!  Thank you Owen for representing East with pride!  Congratulations to our Orchestra for their recent accomplishments!  On May 10th, we performed at High School North for the Spring Orchestra Festival Concert.  Tyler Sacko performed the Romance by Max Bruch and Lazaro Alfonzo performed the Elegie by Gabriel Faure.  In addition, Tyler Sacko created a stunning arrangement of "Beauty and the Beast" for us to perform.  We were very proud of our senior soloists as well as our Orchestra as a whole.  On May 16th, the Orchestra also performed for the senior community at Greenbriar Woodlands.  We received rave reviews from a packed house.  Great job, East Orchestra!  Keep up the great work Mrs. DeGoey!      

Our Band performed beautifully at our Spring Concert Thursday evening at East.  Great job to all of our soloists and performers.  I was impressed with the quality we are producing and have observed tremendous growth under Mrs. Jessica Sanford and Mr. Douglass Miller.  Our Behavior Committee met with students who are not in compliance with school attendance expectations, specifically targeting issues related to class cuts.  The committee met with parents and together developed appropriate remedial measures to support the importance of positive school behavior to individual success.  Special thanks to the committee members who volunteer their time to support the various needs of our students!

We recognized Bring Your Child to Work Day on Friday.  It was refreshing to observe all of the little ones in the hallways.  I think our students enjoyed the day as much as the little children.  I know our teachers were exhausted, but it was a great experience for our Raider family.  We celebrated the Junior Prom at East Saturday evening.  Thank you to Mrs. Erin Cosentino and Mr. Steven Ebert for all of your hard work putting the evening together.  Thank you too to our student representatives who helped decorate the lobby and cafeteria.  Beautiful job!

I would like to recognize David Edinger, Damar Walden, and Brett Turner for being recognized as a part of our “Why You’re Awesome” program.  David found money in the hallway and turned it in to Main Office.  Damar found a lost cell phone and Brett a Fit Bit watch.  Thank you David, Damar, and Brett for being a person of character!    

As part of our 180 Days of Excellence, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all of our students who come to school each day with a positive attitude.  We spend a large portion of our administrative time addressing negative school issues and sometimes forget about all of the incredible things that go on in our building on a daily basis.  Thank you to all of our parents who instill the mindset in their children that your education matters and that being a person of character is essential to being your best and adding value to your community.  Thank you to all of our students who prioritize their schoolwork, treat others with respect, and have a growth mindset.  You are recognized, we see you, and we appreciate you!  Keep up the great work!  

Congratulations to Mrs. Helen Klem for being recognized as our Employee of the Week.  Mrs. Klem is our Head Secretary at East.  She has been working extremely hard in preparation for our end-of-year awards ceremonies.  The effort requires attention to detail and a strong work ethic.  Mrs. Klem supports the overall climate in our building as she is able to support student and staff needs while maintaining an overall positive attitude towards her work!  I appreciate Mrs. Klem for all she does for me, as I know I can be demanding at times.  However, Mrs. Klem does her work will a smile on her face and pride in our building!  Thank you Mrs. Klem for being a positive reflection of our school community!  

Athletically, congratulations to our boys golf team for their win over Brick Township on Monday!  Great job to the boys lacrosse team for their State Sectional Tournament win over Colts Neck on Wednesday.  The boys earned our first playoff victory in quite some time.  Keep up the great work kids!  Our other sports competed this week and were not fortunate enough to win, but I know they did their best and competed with pride!      

Ms. Fitzgerald’s 100 Things to do Before You Graduate

19.  Say thank you to your parents.

18.  Eat in the cafeteria one last time.

17.  Study for your last quarterly exams.

16.  Learn how to tie a tie.

15.  Know your worth and don’t let people treat you any less.

14.  Learn how to ask for help.

13.  Learn how to handle an interview and turn your weaknesses into positives.

12.  Remember to put on sunscreen.  You’re getting older and so is your skin.

11.  Take a picture with your favorite teacher.

10.  Learn how to say no respectively and when to say yes.

I will include 10 or so each week.  Thank you Ms. Kelly Fitzgerald for your list!

Freshman Academy/STEAM

Congratulations to the following students who were selected as our Freshmen Academy Award Winners!  Great job kids!


Most improved - Elijah Wilkerson

Most spirited -  Joseph Buchmuller

Character education - Kaila Villanueva

Best all around - Amanda Mottola


Most improved - Haley Dalmau

Most spirited -  Isabella Cecchini

Character education - Jill Kane

Best all around - Taylor Cleven


Most improved - Rainna Arminal

Most spirited - Kenzie Jones

Character education - Emily Gannon

Best all around - Julia Lamparello

Attendance Matters

The following is a link for parents to support positive school attendance.  


Character Counts

Practice Moral Courage

Moral courage enables you to stand up for what you believe in when others disagree.  When others propose to do something they shouldn’t, the person with moral courage is able to make his or her own choice, instead of going along with the crowd. When others are saying things that are rude, or hurtful, or inappropriate, the person with moral courage calls them on it. When others are mistreating someone, the person with moral courage defends him.

This is the hardest habit to acquire.  For most teenagers, nothing is more important than having friends and feeling liked by others. Practicing moral courage is difficult because it means being different and disagreeing publicly. Most people are afraid to be different, and afraid to disagree publicly, because they fear losing their friends or being disliked. Adults often fail to practice moral courage, too. Think of all the people who listen silently as someone makes racist remarks, or all the people who do nothing about dishonest business dealings in their companies. The world would be a better place if more people had the courage to do the right thing. For teenagers, however, because having friends and being liked is so important, moral courage is especially difficult.

Difficult as it is, practicing moral courage will often earn admiration, respect, and true friendship. After all, we have a word for people with moral courage: we call them heroes.  

Moral courage is important, too, because it can save you from doing or saying stupid things that will cause you embarrassment and regret. Sometimes it can save your life, or someone else’s. You may one day be urged to get into a car whose driver has been drinking. If you have been practicing moral courage in many little ways, and have developed the habit of thinking for yourself and doing the right thing, it will be easier to tell your friends that you’re not getting into the car and that they shouldn’t, either. If, however, you lack moral courage, you may find yourself sitting in the car wondering how you ever got yourself into such a dumb and dangerous situation.

Practice moral courage every day, in little ways, and you will see that the more you do it, the easier it gets. Every time you do or say the right thing instead of taking the easy way by going along or remaining silent, you will respect and like yourself a little bit more.  The only way to have friends is to be a good friend. The only way to be liked is to behave in ways that make you like yourself. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect others to like you?

The above was taken from Good Habits, Good Students by Eric MacKnight.

Tips to Improve School Outcomes

40 Tips to Improve Student Success

(continued from last week)

6. Develop good posture

Good posture improves your mood, and also enhances your memory and learning.  So sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and lift up your chin – and you’ll perform better in school.

7. Don’t multitask

It’s a fact: There’s no such thing as multitasking.  Whenever you’re multitasking, you’re actually just switching between tasks. This reduces your studying efficiency.  So don’t multitask when you’re studying or doing your homework. Instead, focus on one task at a time, and you’ll find that you’ll get more done in less time.

8. Cultivate the belief that intelligence isn’t a fixed trait

Research has proven that students who believe that they can become smarter actually do become smarter.  Belief is that powerful.  In other words, intelligence is a trait that you can develop over time.  Don’t ever label yourself as “dumb” or “not academically inclined”, because with the right mindset you can become more intelligent.

9. Work in short blocks of time

I’ve found that most students can’t maintain a high level of focus for more than 45 minutes at a go.  As such, I generally recommend working in 30- to 45-minute blocks, followed by a 5- to 10-minute break.  Working in shorter blocks of time is more effective for the majority of students, rather than struggling to focus for a couple of hours straight.

10. Exercise regularly

Exercise to be a better student.  Regular exercise helps you to remember information better, enhances your concentration, and makes you more creative.  This is in addition to the other health benefits of exercise.

 I will include 5 tips each week, which are provided from the following link:




As we approach the final few weeks of school, students tend to take liberties in regards to school dress code and electronics policies.  Please reinforce with your child that September rules and expectations will be followed through June 22nd.  Thank you for your support!  

This Week at East

We are hosting our NHS Induction Ceremony Monday evening.  We will be awarding letters to all of our students who have earned a 3.7 G.P.A, grades no lower than a ‘C’, and honor roll status this year at our Academic Awards Ceremony Tuesday evening.  Our Band will be performing again Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and our Senior Scholarship evening will be held at 6 p.m. in the Student Center Thursday evening.  We will recognize our SAT and Community Service winners Friday morning in the Media Center.  Busy week!


Toms River High School East will be offering PSAT’s to Grade 9 students and Grade 10 students beginning 2017-2018. If your child is going to be a junior next year, they will only receive the second administration of the PSAT upon request. This request must be in writing to our Guidance Office. Please notify the Guidance department by June 22th.


If you have an interest in joining the PTO and supporting our worthy causes, please email Mrs. Kim Platten at kimplatten24@gmail.com. 


I would like to thank The Olive Garden for their continued support of High School East.  We have received several lunches in recognition of the efforts our staff make to support student achievement.  Thank you Olive Garden, we appreciate you!

Special thanks to our anonymous donors for our Raise Craze Fundraiser!  The donors purchased a 43” LCD Smart Television to auction off in support of our goal to promote positive school behavior!  Thank you!

I would like to thank Douglas and Mary Fantuzzi for their generous donation to our Robotics Club – Short Circuits.  Our Robotics Club growth is dependent upon the acquisition of funds from various community sponsors.  On behalf of Mrs. Suzanne Signorelli and Mr. Walt Patelunas, I would like to personally thank you for your support of our program.  

I would like to thank CBJ Farms for donating the shrubs/plants for the front entrance of our building for our beautification project.  CBJ Farms is located on 36 Newbold Lane in Chesterfield, New Jersey.  The phone number is (609) 291-9292.  

I would like to thank Chris Rampone for his continued support of our school’s educational incentives to improve school achievement.  Mr. Rampone has generously donated thousands of dollars in coupons to his Jersey Mike’s Subs establishments in Toms River.  Chris is committed to supporting our initiative to improve school achievement through positive school behavior and attendance.  Thank you Chris for all you are doing for East and our community!  

I would like to thank Morano Tours for donating $300 to our school account in support of our attendance and character initiatives.  Thank you Bill Morano your generosity.  The funds will be used to purchase certificates, shirts, and other gifts during our monthly student drawings.  Check out his website, Moranotours.net or call to make a reservation at (732) 237-9977.  Bill was a former teacher at East and is personally connected to our community.

I would also like to thank our wonderful partner, Thompson Health Care, for providing the staff with breakfast on our first day of school.  Thompson Health Care has volunteered to provide food, speakers, and other school-related services in support of our school vision and mission.  Thompson Health Care provides chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, physical therapy, medical pain management and medical weight loss to their patients.


Mr. Thomas, Principal

We at High School East


Anchored in Integrity,

Devoted to Excellence,


Focused on results:

well educated and highly ethical graduates.