Soldotna High School
September 17, 2019


Submitters to this contest must be students of Soldotna High School, and their work must be their own.


Essays should be submitted to Mr. Erfurth via email at by 4pm on 9/17/19. Doc or PDF format are accepted.


How does the US Constitution and its amendments demonstrate American values?


Essay must answer the prompt with a defensible thesis.

Essay must cite evidence from the Constitution and its Amendments, and should consider the entire document and/or many of its parts, not merely one part (Article, Amendment, etc.) of it. Evidence from beyond the Constitution is relevant, but it must be reputable.

Essay must be written clearly and academically. (Academic voice, no personal pronouns, and ensure that it is proofread) This is not intended to be a poem, a rant, or story, or anything other than a historical argument that uses evidence.

Essay body must exceed one page in length, but should not be longer than two pages.

Essay must be formatted as follows: Double spaced, 1” margins, size 12 Times New Roman. A template can be downloaded at A cover page is not required.


Papers for the contest will be judged by the Soldotna High School Department of History based on their adherence to the above criteria and their success and defending their thesis statement with qualified evidence. Essays will also be submitted to to detect plagiarism. Essays containing plagiarism will be disqualified.

Helpful Hints:

Consult the Soldotna High School History Handbook for guidelines on writing and organizing essays. Especially helpful will be the following sections:

Useful Resources:

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