Saint Raphael Catholic School

Family Technology Handbook


The purpose of this handbook is to guide students and parents in the expectations of technology use within Saint Raphael Catholic School.

Student and parent signed consent must be received prior to student technology use. 

Overview of School Technology

Vision: Effective, efficient and accessible technology at Saint Raphael Catholic transforms instruction and learning.

St Raphael students have exposure to a variety of tools throughout the building:

Internet Filtering and Use

Streaming video or music causes bandwidth slowdowns throughout the campus. For this reason, students are not allowed to stream music or video outside of in-class assignment specific material.  

Students internet access is always filtered by iprism. (

School Device Configuration

Students may not install software or applications, nor individualize programs/apps on school devices. Doing so, may result in loss of technology privileges and, in accordance with the Student Handbook, other disciplinary actions may be taken.


Printers in the school are provided for the purpose of in-school work. Students cannot expect printer availability to print homework assignments. 


Links to access these are on the school website under student or faculty, as well as on the school SQWORL home page (  (Links detail the service’s privacy policy)

RenWeb – (teachers grade book, communication to families, rosters, post assignment; families access to assignments and grades) – family specific log in

SQWORL –school wide and teacher specific links to webpages and web documents

Discovery Education – curriculum and grade level specific video content for teacher and student use, all grade levels – 4-8 student specific log in

BrainPop – animated, curricular content for all grade levels – 

IXL –online language arts and math skills practice – 2-8 student specific log in

Reading A to Z –online leveled reading for grades Kindergarten through 5th 

WorldBook –electronic version of World Book encyclopedia with additional e-books, video and primary source content, all grade levels – 

Follett Destiny –online library catalog for SRCS library

Noodle Tools – used for academic research process, includes tools for note-taking, outlining, citation – 4-8 student specific log in

Google Apps for Education – Drive for cloud based document collaboration and storage. Classroom for teacher assignments and feedback – 4-8 student specific log in

Online Textbooks – Curriculum materials from various publishers –

RocketMath – math fact practice program (no online access for students)

Learning Ally – reading support for learning differences


Self-created works are the first choice for student assignments. When works of others, such as text for criticism or exemplary ideas, or images to enhance a point are needed in assignments, students may use small portions of another’s works under the “Fair Use” exemption of copyright law. When doing so, students must respect the rights of others by giving credit to the original creator. Teachers and the school librarian will guide students in determining the appropriate use of another person’s work, the creator’s use permission, and in providing appropriate citation information. Any work is considered under copyright protection once it is captured in a tangible format, which includes digital formats such as webpages.  Copyright violators may lose technology privileges and, in accordance with the Student Handbook, other disciplinary actions may be taken.

Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or state regulation is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material or material protected by trade secret. The most common sense policy is, when in doubt-don’t! Students may not copy or distribute school software, which is in violation of the school’s service agreements with vendors. This is also deemed software piracy and punishable by law.  Transmission of material and software copy violations may result in the loss of technology privileges and, in accordance with the Student Handbook, other disciplinary actions may be taken.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Verifiable Parental Consent (Children under the age of 13)

In order for Saint Raphael Catholic School to continue to be able to provide your student with the most effective web-based tools and applications for learning, we need to abide by federal regulations that require a parental signature as outlined below.  Saint Raphael Catholic School utilizes several computer software applications and web-based services, not operated by SRCS, but by third parties. These are listed under the Subscription section, and may be revised during the school year. In order for our students to use these programs and services, certain personal identifying information, generally the student's name or portion of, must be provided to the web site operator. Under federal law, these websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. The law permits schools such as SRCS to consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all of its students thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent given directly to the web site operator.

Consenting to this Student and Parent Technology Handbook constitutes consent for SRCS to provide personal identifying information for your child as listed under the Subscription section as well as services which SRCS may add during the upcoming academic year. Please be advised that without receipt of consent, we will be  unable to provide your student(s) with the resources, teaching and curriculum offered by our school.  Privacy statements from all subscriptions are available through links on subscription list.  G suite notice regarding personal information is included in this document.

G Suite for Education Notice to Parents and Guardians

This notice describes the personal information we provide to Google for these accounts and how Google collects, uses, and discloses personal information from students in connection with these accounts.

Using their G Suite for Education accounts, students may access and use the following “Core Services” offered by Google (described at

Google provides information about the information it collects, as well as how it uses and discloses the information it collects from G Suite for Education accounts in its G Suite for Education Privacy Notice. You can read that notice online at You should review this information in its entirety, but below are answers to some common questions:

What personal information does Google collect?

When creating a student account, [insert name of school/district] may provide Google with certain personal information about the student, including, for example, a name, email address, and password. Google may also collect personal information directly from students, such as telephone number for account recovery or a profile photo added to the G Suite for Education account.

When a student uses Google services, Google also collects information based on the use of those services. This includes:

How does Google use this information?

In G Suite for Education Core Services, Google uses student personal information to provide, maintain, and protect the services. Google does not serve ads in the Core Services or use personal information collected in the Core Services for advertising purposes.

Does Google use student personal information for users in K-12 schools to target advertising?

No. For G Suite for Education users in primary and secondary (K-12) schools, Google does not use any user personal information (or any information associated with an G Suite for Education Account) to target ads, whether in Core Services or in other Additional Services accessed while using an G Suite for Education account.

Can my child share information with others using the G Suite for Education account?

We may allow students to access Google services such as Google Docs and Sites, which include features where users can share information with others in our domain.  We do not allow students to share publicly.

Will Google disclose my child’s personal information?

Google will not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Google unless one of the following circumstances applies:

Google also shares non-personal information -- such as trends about the use of its services -- publicly and with its partners.

What choices do I have as a parent or guardian?

First, you can consent to the collection and use of your child’s information by Google. If you don’t provide your consent, we will not create a G Suite for Education account for your child, and Google will not collect or use your child’s information as described in this notice.   However, G Suite is an integral part of our daily learning. Opting out will require meeting with school administration.

If you consent to your child’s use of G Suite for Education, you can access or request deletion of your child’s G Suite for Education account by contacting Saint Raphael Catholic School.

What if I have more questions or would like to read further?

If you have questions about our use of Google’s G Suite for Education accounts or the choices available to you, please contact Saint Raphael Catholic School. If you want to learn more about how Google collects, uses, and discloses personal information to provide services to us, please review the G Suite for Education Privacy Center(at, the G Suite for Education Privacy Notice (at, and the Google Privacy Policy (at

The Core G Suite for Education services are provided to us under Google’s Apps for Education agreement (at

SRCS Technology Responsible Use Policy

We embrace the following conditions of being digital-age citizens.

Respect Yourself

I will select online names that are appropriate. I will only post online appropriate information and images.  

Protect Yourself

I will not post my personal information unless I have verified that it is properly protected.

Respect Others

I will not use technologies to bully or tease other people.

Protect Others

I will report abuse and not forward inappropriate materials or communications.

I will obtain the consent of the individual and the
principal before using any information, photo,
image, video, or likeness of another individual.  

Respect Property

I understand the value of the equipment, software and subscriptions provided to me and will use them appropriately respecting licensing agreements.

I will secure all usernames and passwords.

Protect Property

I will ensure that those around me respect the equipment, software and subscriptions.

I will protect usernames and passwords from use by anyone outside our school community.

Respect Intellectual Property

I will give credit to the works of others (websites, books, media, etc)

Protect Intellectual Property

I will not plagiarize the works of others and will report acts of plagiarism.

I understand and will follow this Responsible Use Policy. I also understand the school network is owned by St. Raphael Catholic School and that St. Raphael Catholic School has the right to access any of the information used through the mediums provided by the school at any time.  I understand that if I fail to adhere to this policy there will be disciplinary action.

Examples of Unacceptable Uses (not all inclusive) - Users should not:

SRCS Technology Responsible Use Policy

Your Digital Guide

Some Examples of Appropriate Use include but are not limited to the following:

Optional Personal Technology Policy – Students Grades 3-8

Applies to e-book readers, tablets, and laptop computers.   Cell phones and smartwatches  are not included and still must follow the School Handbook Policy.

Approved Usages:

  1. Personal devices are allowed as a reading alternative to be used in the same way as a traditional print book.  (For example, during D.E.A.R.).   Books must be loaded on the device before coming to school.  Books with games or activities included in their content are not allowed.  Internet, Games or Application usage during this time is not allowed.  
  2. Personal devices may also be used, only when allowed by a teacher, for other curriculum related activities.   Internet or Application usage is allowed during this time only as it applies to the project, and must adhere to the school responsible use policy

Each teacher has the discretion to further regulate the use of personal devices in their classroom.  Devices with cellular or network capabilities must have these features disabled while in the school building.

Personal devices will not be used for entertainment or communication purposes during the school day.  (For example, taking photos or video not part of a school project, posting to facebook).

Security and Damages: The responsibility to keep personal technology secure rests solely with the student. St Raphael Catholic School is not liable for the loss, theft or damage of any device and will not replace or provide financial restitution in either event. Loss or theft of the device must still be reported to school administrators. The device may not be stored in the building overnight.  Students are responsible for proactively personalizing devices, such as labeling with their name and setting up password protection.

Limitations: Saint Raphael Catholic School does not provide technical or instructional support for personal devices. Students do not have access to wall outlets for charging the device. Students may not bring cables or ethernet cords.

Violation of the Policy:  School personnel may confiscate a personal electronic device and this device may be searched by a member of the school administration, if there is reasonable suspicion that the student has violated Saint Raphael Catholic School policies or engaged in misconduct while using the device.  Improper use of personal equipment will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Disclaimer:  Any media captured or created as part of a school project may not be copied or distributed in any form, except to submit to a teacher, in order to respect privacy and copyright laws.


Electronic Signature can be given at 

Alternately, print out and sign this page and return to school office.

Student Agreement

I understand and agree to the Student & Parent Technology Handbook. If I break this agreement, the consequences could include suspension of computer privileges and/or disciplinary action. I also understand the school network is owned by St. Raphael Catholic School and that St. Raphael Catholic School has the right to access any of the information used through the mediums provided by the school at any time.

Student's Name (please print) _____________________________________________________

Student's Signature   ____________________________________________________________Date______________

Student's Name (please print) _____________________________________________________

Student's Signature   ____________________________________________________________Date______________

(additional students sign back)

Parent Consent

As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read and consent to the Student & Parent Technology Handbook. I understand that technology is provided for educational purposes in keeping with the academic goals of St. Raphael Catholic School, and that student use for any other purpose is inappropriate. I recognize it is impossible for the school to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not hold the school responsible for materials acquired on the school network. I understand that children's computer activities at home should be supervised as they can affect the academic environment at school.

I understand and will support my student in adhering to the Student & Parent Technology Handbook. I am aware that if my child breaks this agreement, the consequences could include suspension of computer privileges and/or disciplinary action. I also understand the school network is owned by St. Raphael Catholic School and that St. Raphael Catholic School has the right to access any of the information used through the mediums provided by the school at any time.  

I hereby give permission for my child to use technology resources at St. Raphael Catholic School.

Parent or Guardian's Name (please print)   ___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian's Name    ____________________________________________________       Date _____________________