2019 SESRA Charter Rules & Budgetary System

SESRA Charters are purchased for $10 each. This fee is separate from the $10 driver fee as there are two separate cash award purses.

  1. A team owner is allowed up to 4 Charters (cars). A team may have multiple owners but still only 4 Charters (cars) total. No one can own Charters on different teams.
  1. Charters can NOT be traded, leased, or sold privately during the race season.
  2. If a Charter (car) is a no-show to 5 consecutive race. The Charter is forfeited back to SESRA without a refund.

  1. Each driver has a weekly salary. Yearly starting salaries are set by the previous year finishing position in points, and are as follows:

1st place finisher: $50,000

2nd thru 5th finishers: $45,000

6th thru 10th finishers: $40,000

11th thru 20th finishers: $30,000

21st and remaining finishers: $20,000

  1. Subs will have the same salary for the week of the driver that they are subbing for.

  1. Each charter (car) has a yearly starting budget of $1,500,000. A charters budget can’t be shared with other charters

  1. Weekly Salary Increases:

Each Win: $10,000 per week for the remainder of the season

2nd to 5th place finish: $5,000 per week for the remainder of the season

6th to 10th place finish: $1,000 per week for the remainder of the season


  1. Race Payouts:

Pole Award        $50,000
1st        $250,000
2nd        $175,000
3rd        $150,000
4th        $125,000
5th        $100,000
6th        $75,000
7th        $70,000
8th        $65,000
9th        $60,000
10th        $55,000
11th        $50,000
12th        $45,000
13th        $41,000
14th        $36,000
15th        $32,000
16th        $28,000
17th        $24,000
18th        $20,000
19th        $18,000
20th        $16,000
21st        $14,000
22nd        $12,000
23rd        $10,000
24th        $9,000
25th        $8,500
26th        $8,000
27th        $7,500
28th        $7,000
29th        $6,500
30th        $6,000
31st        $5,500
32nd        $5,000

33rd        $4,500

34th        $4,000

35th        $3,500

36th        $3,000

37th        $2,500

38th        $2,000

39th        $1,500

40th         $1,000

  1. Any and all damage in the areas of the car defined below will result in total replacement. Car Damage will be accessed after each race as follows:

Front clip $75,000

Rear clip $75,000

Doors: $50,000 per side

Engine $50,000

If all 4 body sections are damaged, the replacement cost will be $250,000 regardless of the condition of the engine


  1. If a charter experiences a bankruptcy, the charter will not earn team points until the charter is budget is out of the red.


  1. If a driver is released by a team, they can be picked up by another team. All driver swaps, trades, releases and pickups must be approved by SESRA Admins.