Games in the Classroom

Speakers: Rachel and Miriam

Record Date: 14 March 2018

Estimated Running Time: 30 Min.

Topic: Games and how they can be used effectively in the classroom

Release Date: 14 March 2018

Actual Running Time:

Talking Points/Guide

  1. Welcome - Rachel
  1. Introductions
  1. Rachel
  2. Miriam
  1. Definitions!
  1. Games: What I mean for the purposes of this podcast
  2. Gamification: The use of game mechanics such as points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and challenges in “non-game environments” (you can read a more thorough description here)
  1. Interview
  1. Where do games fit? Do they fit at all in a foreign language classroom?
  2. Are games tasks?
  3. But, don’t you use Kahoot and Vinco? Are you “guilty” of gamification?
  4. How do these games fit with Comprehensible Input?
  5. What about Miriam’s ticket system and class point system (credit to Meredith White and Lauren Watson)? Isn’t that gamification?
  1. Closing - Miriam
  1. Going Slow: Why It’s Hard and Why It Matters
  2. Thank you for listening
  3. Join the convo
  1. #steppingintoci