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Year 4
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Monday 15th June 2020

Google Meet and MyMaths

We now have a schedule for weekly Google Meets.








Monday and Friday are a chance for you to catch up with each other and just have a chat whilst on Wednesday we have a bit more structure. Keep an eye on Google Classroom for more detail.

We now have individual accounts for MyMaths which have been shared with the children. There will be work set through this as another alternative for you to use at home. If you need any support with this please let us know.

Mr Gleeson and Mr Sutcliffe

We hope that the children and their families are all well. It is obviously a very worrying time for everyone. Please help the children to manage their emotions by providing regular, structured work time during the school week.

For now this page will remind you of some learning resources the children are very familiar with and introduce a few new ones as well as giving you basic information about how to navigate the next couple of weeks.

After Easter this is where we will provide you and your child with more detailed learning plans and activities. Please check back regularly to see what we have added.

Do contact us via email or the ClassDojo app.

Mr Sutcliffe and Mr Gleeson 

Norfolk Cloud Portal

This is your starting point for Gmail, Google Drive and Google Classroom as well as Espresso Coding.


Check Google Classroom for detail on daily challenges and activities. Below are 5 ways you can make sure you have a daily maths session.


Unlimited personalised questions with weekly and daily targets and challenges.

The children have individual logins. Parents can set up their own accounts and connect to their child’s learning.

Individualised times table activities to help your child learn and secure their times tables.

The children have individual logins.


Username: holtprim

Password: circle

MyMaths is a rich math resource with interactive lessons and activities.

Filter by year group to find suitable work.

The children have individual accounts which they can use to access assigned activities. If you need more support with this please get in touch.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organisation that produces short lessons in the form of videos. All work is completed online and the results are sent straight to me.

Your child will have been sent an invitation to our class by email. Look for the ‘Continue with Google’ button and use your nsix account details to sign in.

Daily maths lessons

Each week I will share with you a set of lessons from The Hamilton Trust. These are suitable for printing out or can be completed on paper while looking at the materials on screen. Find them on our Google Classroom page.



Your child should read for 30 minutes every day. No tv, radio or electronics [unless they are reading an ebook]. Have a chat with them about their story afterwards.


Here are the weekly spellings. These can be practised on sumdog. Start on Friday 20.3.20, test on Wednesday 25.3.20. Send me your child’s result!

List 1: cod, job, sob, rob, from, nod, pod, box, bow, log.

List 2: steak, break, because, become, sugar, class, glass, beautiful, improve, plant.

List 3: humbly, nobly, regular, irregular, basic, basically, frantically, dramatically, magically, magic.






Wow Science

This site contains links to a range of games, videos and activities covering the whole science curriculum.


Espresso Coding

Block coding platform

Year 4 have reached Block 4a (Introduction to variables) lesson 7 Debugging but some of the children might like to work through all of that block before starting Block 4b (Repetition and loops)

Year 3 have been working through Block 3a at different paces so they should continue from where they have got to but can start again from the beginning if they are not sure.

Other Resources


Twinkl is a comprehensive resource bank for all primary age children. Here you will find work covering all of the curriculum. At times it can seem a little overwhelming so use the search function as much as possible and get in touch if we can help at all.

Next term we will use twinkl as a basis for some of the lessons that we set the children to do at home.

TV and Film Recommendations

Your children, like ours, will certainly be watching a bit more TV than usual during this unusual period. We wanted to share with you some of the best films and shows that you can find on iPlayer Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Enjoyed a recommendation? Write a review and send it to us!


Horrible Histories - No introduction needed.

Deadly 60 - New series of Steve Backshall’s excellent show. The Orca episode is amazing!


My Neighbour Totoro - Perhaps the finest animated film ever made. Certainly capable of cheering you up if you are feeling down.

Gangsta Granny - BBC adaptation of the David Walliams book.