Store Information

     What is the shipping cost?

The exact shipping amount will be billed to you after the plush is finished and ready to ship.
For domestic shipments, it’s usually  between $40-$120 depending on the size of the box and your location.
Our large, fluffy-fluffed plushies can ship in boxes up to 36x15x15 inches, and weigh up to 25 lbs.
Un-fluffed plushies ship more cheaply ($20-$40), because the weight is about 1-3 pounds, and in a smaller package.

     Where is my plush shipping from?

Our workshop is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.  Shipping boxes and labels are all kept discreet.

     Can you ship to my country?

BSP will ship almost anywhere in the world.  International shipments may take an extra 2-4 weeks to arrive.
International shipping can be between $100-$200, and the buyer is responsible for any customs/import fees.

     Do you accept returns?

We can only accept a return if the plush box is unopened, and immediately returned with tracking (within 2 business days).
Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. Insurance and tracking information is required for us to monitor the return.
The returned plush will be inspected thoroughly for tampering. We will not issue a refund if the box’s original tape seal is broken.

     Should I choose Fluffed or Un-Fluffed?

“Fluffed” means that premium polyester fiberfill is installed in the plush before we ship it.
“No Fluff” means the plush will arrive “empty” and you can purchase fluff from your local craft store and fill the plush at home. Most Store p
lushies are available with or without fluff filling. Every plush order includes a zipper for fluff access, so you can add/remove fluff for cleaning or storage.

     How long do I have to wait?

BSP Store orders take anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on our current workload (see the Order Status page).
If you need your plush by a specific date, please ask us for an accurate wait estimate prior to placing your order.

     Can I base my plush on a copyrighted character?

BSP cannot make a plush of a copyrighted character. However, we can create a plush "inspired by" a character.
We make every plush order from scratch, so you can customize all the colors, face details, add logos, "tattoos", text, or almost anything else onto the plush. Artistic customization is our specialty!

     Can I add additional plush features?
If you want a more complex plush with near-unlimited options, please place a custom order instead of purchasing from the Store.
BSP Store plushies are created to your design preferences, with some limitations. Because the Store plush customization options are limited, they have faster turnaround and are available at a lower cost than our highly complex fully custom commissions.

     Do you accept payment plans?

We do not accept payment installments. We suggest trying Paypal Credit with which you can pay over a 6 month period.

     How do I keep my plush clean?

Check out Our Plush Care Guide for detailed cleaning instructions, fluffing advice, and general maintenance tips.

     Can I just get a regular family-friendly plush?

Sure you can request no adult features for your plush order. If you change your mind later, you may wish to purchase custom-made sleeves from our store and install them in a plush yourself. Here is a quick DIY tutorial for hand-sewing a SPH into a plush.

If you want a more complex plush than what is available in the options below, please place a Custom Order.

Email us with any questions before ordering!