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Weeknight meal dinner delivery service for adults and kids. Dinner for 2 or 3 nights per week.

Each dinner feeds 2 adults. Each kids dinner feeds 2. Kids can order off of the kid menus or can get adult dinners (1 adult portion = 2 kids portions).


Ventura --------> Goleta

Los Angeles and Ojai are waitlisted. To be added, contact: hello@poe-and-co.com 


Delivered on Tuesdays before 3PM.


4 week commitment. Delivery fee included.

Choose between 2 or 3 adult meals per week. Add on any amount of kids.

Menu newsletter to be emailed Tuesdays for the following Tuesday’s delivery.


$60 per meal (feeds 2 adults) / Kids $20 per meal (feeds 2 kids)- additional kids can be added on at $10 each.

1 time non-refundable initiation fee of $200- included are rental equipment: cooler and glass storage/heating containers, and ice packs.

2 dinner subscription

3 dinner subscription

2 adults



2 adults + 2 kids

additional kids can be added at $10 per meal




We create simple, seasonal, and approachable food.

We source as much local and responsibly harvested ingredients as possible.

5 weekly choices, which includes dietary variations. Always 2 vegetarian and 2 gluten free options.

All menus are comprised of a protein, vegetable, starch or combination.

Menu for week of 11/27/18

Maple Glazed Salmon w/ Vegetable Quinoa (df, gf)


Spinach Lasagna w/ Kale Salad (veg)


Tofu w/ Rice Noodles, Peanuts, Edamame and Carrots (gf, v, df)


Braised Short Ribs and Panzanella Salad


Curry Braised Chicken, Forbidden Rice, Creamed Spinach (gf)

Each dinner serves 2 adults

Desserts coming soon!

gf= gluten free, veg= vegetarian, v= vegan df= dairy free

Please notify us of any allergies and reasonable dietary restrictions.

Kids Menu- choice of 1 main and 1 side per night


Breaded Chicken Tenders (gf optional)

Fish Sticks w/ Tartar Sauce (gf optional)

Coconut Shrimp (gf optional)

Baked Ziti (gf optional)

Mac and Cheese (gf optional)

Spaghetti w/ Beef and Tomato Sauce (gf optional)


Steamed Broccoli with Light Butter (gf, veg)

Broccoli-Parmesan Fritters (gf optional)

Tomato Soup (gf, v)

Maple Glazed Carrots (gf, v)

This weeks specials:


Maple Glazed Salmon (gf, df)

Short Ribs (gf, df)


Plain Couscous (v, df)

Cheese Lasagna (veg)

Steamed Edamame in Shell (v, gf, df)

Creamed Spinach (veg, gf)

Sweet Potato Gratin (veg, gf)


Dinners are delivered in chilled coolers and are packaged in reusable glass pyrex containers with heating instructions. Coolers, glass containers/lids, and ice packs will be collected every Tuesday.

If containers are returned not rinsed, there will be a $10 charge applied to your card.

Any chipped or broken pieces, will result in a $10 replacement fee (per piece). Any unreturned containers will result in a $25 replacement charge applied to the next week’s service. At the end of your service, any unreturned equipment will be charged by the piece and applied to your card. ($50 for coolers, $20 per glass container, $10 per ice pack).

Not a big deal, but something to be aware of: thermal shock with glass cookware. If glass cookware changes temperature rapidly, it can shatter. An example of this is taking a dish straight out of the oven and running water on it. In this example, please let the pan cool down prior to running water over it, allowing the pan to temper.


Do you plan to bring all meals for the week on the same drop off day? Yes, every Tuesday before 3:00 PM. Meals are designed to last comfortably in your refrigerator for 3 days.

Do you put instructions on there of how to heat? Yes. Each container is individually labeled with heating instructions. A weekly instruction sheet will be available for online reference as well.

Is everything ready to go, or do any components need to be cooked? There is no cooking involved, only heating or minor assembly required (such as dressing a salad).

Is any of it frozen? No, at this time all meals are fresh, but we will be offering frozen products (such as raviolis) down the line.

When you deliver will there be ice packs in the cooler? In case people aren't there at that time? If so, do you think they would be okay until after 5? Yes, each cooler will contain ice packs ensuring freshness for home arrival after school and work.

Is there a delivery fee? The delivery fee is included!

Can the commitment from the families vary?  Some 2, 3, 4, or 5 night plans? Yes, to start we are offering 2 and 3 night plans, but if we have enough interest, we will offer additional nights. We will need a 4 week commitment to begin. As we grow our families, it will allow for more flexibility to accommodate travel and other life circumstances.

What if we have to go out of town during our subscription? We understand that life happens. Please notify us as soon as you know, and we will work with you. We allow for you to put your subscription on hold.

Can two families split a 4 week subscription? Yes, however we will only deliver to one address and reimbursement should be handled internally between families.

What is the minimum amount I can purchase? The minimum requirement is a 2 adult dinner purchase. Each dinner serves 2 adults, so you’d be purchasing enough food for 2 nights.

Do you use Venmo? We plan to start with invoicing and are working to expand to an online store.

If folks are busy one night could the meals be frozen with directions for how to reheat? Meals hold comfortably for a few days if there’s a night that you have other plans. Certain dishes freeze better than others (such as braises, soups, stews, casseroles, etc.) We ask that you transfer food to your own container so that we can collect our containers according to schedule.

Can we get more dinners if we have company over? Yes, of course! They will still be delivered on Tuesdays. Down the line, we intend to offer another delivery day. For orders of 4 or more dinners (8 people or more), please write: hello@poe-and-co.com

Is there an option to switch out sides? For example- instead of quinoa, rice? Etc. Yes, any components of the 5 weekly choices can be swapped (e.g. Maple Glazed Salmon with the Forbidden Rice from the Curry Braised Chicken dish in lieu of the Vegetable Quinoa. Each dish comes with a combination of a protein, starch and vegetable, so swap outs will be comparable.

What if my family has food allergies? Please let us know of any allergies. We take them very seriously.