Welcome to the OWL Test Management System. This is a quick tour to help system administrators and instructors get started.

You can manage your entire online assessment process with OWL. The OWL menus follow the assessment cycle from setting up your domain and building content all the way through to reporting results.  So let’s take a closer look at these menus.


The Admin menu is where you organize your domain and add or remove users. These permissions are granted to OWL System Administrators exclusively.


Once your organization is established, you and your team are ready to start creating your online content.  This is done from the Building menu, where you can build a single question, a section of items, or an entire test. This is also where you would build messaging templates, Flight paths and custom rubrics if any of these features are part of your OWL subscription.


Once you have your OWL Test built, the next step is to deliver it to your test takers.  That is what the Testing Menu is all about.

Use manage assignments to create delivery instructions and add students, raters, admins or proctors to the roster.

The progress monitor is where you go to view ongoing testing sessions in real time. This is also where you would find assignment add-on features like  automatic registration or webcam monitoring.


Once testing is complete, it is time to go to the Assessment menu to manage the scoring of responses. You can start blind ratings from here.

Use the assessment List page to view auto-scoring, finalize ratings, and publish results.


Now that the responses are scored and finalized, you are ready to use the Reporting menu to pull detailed data about responses, scoring and assessments.  Some reports are run in the browser. Many are available as .csv downloads.


Finally the Tools menu provides access to more advanced features.


New users will want to use the context sensitive OWL Help Documentation available from every page. The help includes many video tutorials and step by step instructions.

Thank you for choosing the OWL Test Management System.