Gateway Regional High School

MORE, Defined


   Gateway Regional High School prepares students for their future. Our goal is that every student leaves ready for their next big step, whether their choice includes college, trade school, career-entry, or the military. We strive for our instruction to be relatable to students’ lives today and in the future. We encourage student choice and self-direction. Our curriculum and instruction are standards-aligned, data-driven, and differentiated for both student needs and student interests. Positive relationships between students, teachers, and staff aid in the connection between what students are learning and why itmatters. We seek to contribute to students’ personal growth and development as scholars, citizens, and individuals. Gateway Regional will inspire students to always keep learning more.


   Gateway Regional High School seeks to continuously improve. Curriculum is vertically and horizontally aligned. Our curriculum review process allows for dynamic documents, growing and evolving to meet student needs and available resources. Teachers spiral concepts and practice throughout the year and offer extension opportunities to take learning beyond the 43-minute period. Gateway Regional High School helps students take ownership of their improvement through formative assessment and frequent feedback in relation to goals and standards.


   Gateway Regional High School embraces student-centered learning.Students connect current trends and their interests to curriculum and instruction. Our curriculum prepares students for a variety of measurement sand the real world. Curriculum includes interdisciplinary connections,problem-based learning scenarios, and college and career readiness standards. Gateway Regional teachers ask the question, “How does this help students progress toward their goal?” so that students can answer the question, “How will this matter in my life?”


   Gateway Regional High School engages the 21st century learner by encouraging choice, connection to student interests, and real-life problem solving. Instruction is delivered through a variety of formats, including collaborative and cooperative learning, student-driven independent choice,inquiry-based learning, and integration of technology. Teachers and students are encouraged to be hands-on, creative, and to uncover learning rather than just covering standards. As a result of rigorous, challenging, student-centered instruction, Gateway Regional students ask questions, participate in activities, and are motivated to learn.

These statements were collaboratively written by the GRHS faculty and staff in January 2017.