May 14th, 2018

Hello Students,

I want you to know that as your English teacher for next year I am very excited to share this experience with you. The purpose of this letter is to propose a set of expectations for when you arrive for the first day of class.

I know from past experiences that students who select AP Literature and Composition for their senior year English credit are students of the finest caliber. It follows that reading is a regular part of your life and something you enjoy.

To that end, we are going to forgo the usual summer reading assignment, per se. In its place I am requesting that we start our course with introductory speeches about our personal reading histories.

Please prepare a talk, which will be graded according to the PS&R category of the grading matrix (a small % with few entries). Your grade will simply measure compliance and effort.  

Feel free to be excellent in the usual ways – a motif, some structure, note cards – while addressing the following aspects in your talk:

So, enjoy your summer,

And its reading.

I can’t wait to hear these stories!

Mr. Staton

*Please note, you are receiving this assignment because you expressed a desire to take the course at registration.  Please ensure you have been placed in the course before beginning the assignment.