Adding Custom Maps to Pegasus


In this guide we’ll take a look at how to add custom maps inside of Pegasus application, useful for replacing entire maps or adding an additional layer of maps on top of an existing map.

We’ll use Maptiler’s cloud service, which provides hosting for map tiles and allows you to customize maps.

Start by creating an account on Maptiler.  Once logged in, you can select from a standard map and edit the colors, language, fonts, etc.

In this example we’ll select the basic map

Scroll down to the Raster tiles, and select the one that has the /{z}/{x}/{y} url

Click the copy button

Go to the tracking application on Pegasus application and navigate to the MANAGE CUSTOM LAYERS option

On the Custom Layers dialog, enter a title, the URL you just copied, and in this case zoom out to set the boundaries of the map, click “USE CURRENT VIEW” and then press save.

If a different boundary was used then the map will load the tiles in that spot only

Notice how the map is split into two parts in this case, where the Basic map loads in the boundaries we established.

This is also useful for the tiles section, you can choose one of the existing tiles

Example: Hillshades

And follow the same procedure above, to get details on the mountain ranges in the area.