About the company

tuktukrental.com is an adventure & social start-up, operating in Colombo, Sri Lanka since 2016. Our goal is to improve the lives and incomes of Sri Lankan three-wheel owners by renting their asset to tourists for self-drive adventures over the paradise island of Sri Lanka. As of March 2019, we have started operations in Kerala, India and will be looking to expand into other countries as time continues.

By renting out these tuktuks from local Sri Lankans (instead of purchasing our own fleet), we give back to the local community while also providing our customers with life-changing experiences. We believe the most authentic and best way to travel anywhere in the world is to travel like a local, and travelling like a local opens the door to many places not available by traditional or mainstream tourist routes. This allows tourists to embrace local culture, cuisine, and lifestyle while interacting with communities, sharing experiences and creating everlasting memories.

We work hard behind the scenes to make renting a tuktuk in Sri Lanka as easy as possible. We source late model and reliable tuktuks and sort out all the paperwork so tourists can turn up and go. At its core, the business is an online platform that links tourists with local tuktuk owners, these tourists hire the vehicle from the local owner and self-drive the vehicle as they road trip around Sri Lanka.

About our team

We have a small but highly effective team located at our head office in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. Our team is made up of hardworking and motivated individuals filling operational, marketing, and business administration roles. Working in a high-paced and western-oriented office.

However, given we are a fast-moving startup, the role you are assigned doesn’t mean you will always remain boxed into this role. We need people who are flexible and willing to do whatever work is necessary to move our business forward, tackling new and emerging operational and market problems outside of their regular duties to “get the job done”.

Cleaning and getting your hands dirty is not “above” the role of anyone in our business. We encourage new ideas, failure, and importantly learning from failure. We are looking for overly enthusiastic people with a positive attitude to move our business to the next stage of growth.

About the role

We are looking for a self-motivated individual with prior administrative and customer relations experience to join our company as a Customer Service Executive - Sri Lanka. Please note, this is an office job with a lot of administrative tasks, all related to customer service and relations.


The role will be based from the head office in Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia, per schedule some days at our Negombo office will be planned.


The role will be full-time, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm sharp with occasional weekend work. Some changes to working days may be required depending on our booking schedule, with extra time paid or by taking time off on other days.

Role Objective:

  • Attract and retain potential customers by answering product and service questions across multiple communication channels.
  • Monitoring and reporting on existing and new customers into sales and operational procedures.
  • Greeting customers on arrival in the office and offering them water, tea, coffee etc. Giving them a brief about the tuktukrental.com company.
  • On-The-Road Customer management.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks in order to make sure customers have the necessary documentation, licensing and planning for their tuktukrental.com experience.
  • Organising a smooth transition of vehicles from owners to customers and vice versa.
  • Ensuring Operations Officers adequately and correctly inspect tuktuks pre and post-hire to the full satisfaction of customers and quality assurance procedures.
  • Working with the team to organise logistics of tuktuk pick ups and drop offs throughout Sri Lanka.
  • Identifying and implementing operational improvements throughout our organisation.
  • Liaising with contract drivers who are located at various outstations of Sri Lanka (eg Kandy);
  • Updating and managing the online digital booking system to ensure 100% accuracy with customers and tuktuks.
  • Liaising with partner hotels and hostels that are assisting tuktukrental.com with bookings.
  • Organising a smooth transition of vehicles from owners to customers and vice versa, organising the logistics of our tuktuk fleet supply and demand;
  • Ensuring Operations Officers adequately and correctly inspect tuktuks pre and post-hire to the full satisfaction of customers and quality assurance procedures;
  • Ensuring that all tuktuks have the correct insurance for renting to foreigners;
  • Responding to and engaging with customers in operational tasks while they are in Sri Lanka such as but not limited to: (i) mechanical issues, (ii) change of pickup and drop-off locations, (iii) extending or reducing bookings, (iv) calculating customer refunds, etc...;
  • Other administrative tasks when necessary to get the job done.

Required experience:

High level of English is necessary

Required skills:

Required resources:

How to apply

Applicants are asked to provide relevant documentation regarding their previous work experience (CV/Resume) as well as a motivation letter noting their interest in the position. Please send all required documentation to tom@tuktukrental.com.

Please note that a motivation letter is compulsory.

The application process consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Applying for the position by providing us with your CV and motivation letter.
  2. Phase 2: Digital tasks.
  3. Phase 3: Physical Interview with Management.

Any questions regarding the role or the company, please contact:

Thomas Cornish (Manager / Director) at (+94) 76 621 6578

or email tom@tuktukrental.com