Why all old people must stay home

A personal statement by Rebecca Jann; not an official proclamation from Village Drive Village 

All old people have weaker immunity, making them more likely to become infected and then to infect others. Old people who are not self-isolating are especially dangerous; their risky behavior and age-related susceptibility exponentially increase their odds of being contagious.

Old people, once infected by any disease, are much more likely to require hospitalization because their hearts and lungs have been damaged by decades of earlier disease and (for some of us) bad choices. And older people are less likely to survive COVID19.

Hospital ventilators, masks, beds, etc., are in short supply in cities like Venice and New York. We could be next. Overworked doctors, nurses, and undertakers are more likely to make mistakes, further endangering others.

In some hospitals spouses, parents, and doulas are already banned from maternity wards. It's sad to imagine mothers giving birth alone and new fathers unable to visit their babies because visitors will be forbidden.

And it's sad to imagine anyone gasping for breath from COVID19 dying alone, their loved ones not allowed to be with them, not even allowed to honor their hopes for the funeral. It’s not just old people dying from COVID19; it’s also young parents and adults in their prime, and even some children, all alone except for masked strangers.

When there are not enough ventilators to treat everybody who needs one, will a child or young parent with asthma or an allergic reaction die because the hospital is filled with COVID19 patients, mostly old people?

Why social distancing is important for everyone

From an article on modeling the coronavirus:
"First, we can use the time to buttress hospitals and test treatments. Second, interventions can flatten the curve and spread infections over a longer period of time, so that the health care system does not become overwhelmed."

Don’t stay home just to avoid infection.

It's selfish to share if there's any chance you could be contagious without symptoms.

Stay home to protect others!

Especially if you are a baby-boomer or older.

A personal statement (not an official proclamation from Village Drive Village) by Rebecca Jann.

Dr. Rebecca Jann is a retired biologist; her opinions are based on obsessive reading of professional publications and advice from her friends, family members, and former students who are medical professionals.

Here are some links to help you understand why it’s so important to stay away from people and to wash your hands:

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