West Texas Film Festival-Film Selections 2017

Most of the films being featured here have trailers which have been posted on our Facebook Page.  To access our video page click here:  2017 Trailers 

The Assignment (Animation) USA TRT 1:42

A stop-motion animation short about a photography class at Odessa College. Created by Emily Winkler.

The Backup Plan (Drama) USA TRT 28:12

When a down-on-his-luck single father faces eviction, he begins stealing catalytic converters to save his home.

Beyond the Wall (Documentary) USA TRT 26:43

Get past the rhetoric and experience the reality of the U.S.-Mexico border. The film puts viewers into the shoes of undocumented immigrants, Border Patrol agents and a Texas borderland rancher to explore the nation’s most pressing border and immigration issues.

Blur Circle (Drama) USA TRT 01:32:00

Jill Temple is a single mother still grieving the loss of her young son after he disappeared two years ago. Unable to face the possibility that she has lost him forever, she pursues every lead and meets Burton Rose, a man with a mysterious past. The details of that past - and how Burton has responded to it - force Jill to look at her life in a completely new way.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (Romantic Horror) USA TRT

The 1992 film was directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola and co-produced and written by James V. Hart. Based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, the film stars Gary Oldman as Count Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina Harker, Anthony Hopkins as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, and Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. Q&A with co-producer and screenwriter James V. Hart.

Church Grounds (Drama) USA TRT 24:19

Though time and change should clearly be uppermost in their minds, members of this little church committee couldn’t care less or be more oblivious about either. On the contrary, they seem determined to keep time and change at a safe distance as they set about their plans to bury a time capsule on the church grounds, to be opened in 100 years. It is a project they disparage from the get-go while extolling a perfect past and the memories that took them there – never realizing that they are about to awake next day to a changed world that is going to ignore them with the same rude disregard and contempt.

Counting Up (Drama) USA TRT 5:20

A film that portrays the ups and downs of life within the confines of an industrial abandoned hotel. Discover a new perspective on trials and tribulations and the fact that the count-down of time on your life can actually count up.

Croissant (Romantic/Drama/Comedy) Spain TRT 6:29

Two strangers in the same bed. The best way to start a new relationship begins with the breakfast.

Edith (Drama) UK TRT 14:57

Since his wife, Edith’s, death four months ago, Jake has fallen into a life of drinking and isolation. He believes that Edith is haunting him, which makes him remember things from his past. Will his mourn stop him from moving on or will he be haunted with her memory forever? Starring Peter Mullan (Trainspotting, Ozark) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones)

Falconers of Havana (Documentary) USA TRT 9:10

While the art of falconry dates as far back as the 17th century BCE, a Cuban falconer is a rare and unexpected sight. "Halconeros de La Habana" follows two men from Havana who reconnect with nature through their falcons, while toying with an underlying question: what constitutes freedom?

Far from the Tree (Drama) USA TRT 16:00

The story of a strained relationship between a mother and her teenage son as she struggles to come to terms with a past sexual assault and ultimately finds the courage to confront it. Shot on location in Eustace, Texas.

Goofinger (Comedy) USA TRT 8:42

One secret mission is another roommate's mess in this chaotic, fast-paced comedy. A misunderstood government agent is about to get his childlike roommate into a sticky situation.

Will the rent be paid? Will someone die? The stakes are always high in GOOFINGER.

Gorden (Drama) USA TRT 9:52

Inspired by Wes Anderson, Gorden is a quiet reserved boy, who is constantly nagged by his older sister. One day during an ordinary exchange his sister drops dead on him. Gorden runs away to see how he can figure this all out.

High Chaparral (Documentary) USA TRT 9:02

One of the last places you might expect to find an American-style Wild West theme park is in the middle of a Swedish forest, yet High Chaparral and its second life as a refugee camp feels strangely appropriate. It has become one of the better refugee camps in Sweden and for 500

refugees, one of the most unique camps in the world, and a safe place far away from home.

I See Something (Thriller) USA TRT 14:59

After realizing they are all alone at home, a brother and sister try to determine if there is something outside the windows watching them. As the night proceeds, they find that fear is enhanced by the imagination. Shot on location in Big Spring, Texas. Directed by James Fite.

The Jar (Drama) Northern Ireland/United Kingdom TRT 19:24

Jake banks his boyish ambitions of being an astronaut inside a jar of coins. But there are those who would step all over his dreams. Can he still manage to make the giant leap?

Julie & Julia (Drama/Comedy) USA TRT 02:03:00

The film contrasts the life of chef Julia Child (Meryl Streep) in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell (Amy Adams), who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her popular blog that made her a published author.

Kuchipudi: A Journey (Documentary) USA TRT 11:34

Kuchipudi is a traditional dance form from India. Padma Sonti is the first Indian Guru to teach Kuchipudi in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has started a heritage where students can see the glimpse of their own tradition through the understanding of traditional dance.

The Last High (Documentary) USA TRT 57:44

The film explores the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids (Kush, Spice, etc.). With real-world footage and first-hand accounts from users, former users, counselors, first responders, law enforcement and others, this documentary tells of some of the terrible tragedies this terrible drug can inflict on users and their families.

The Last Picture Show (Dramatic Feature) USA TRT

Set in a small town in north Texas from November 1951 to October 1952, it is about the coming of age of Sonny Crawford (Timothy Bottoms) and his friend Duane Jackson (Jeff Bridges). The cast also includes Cybill Shepherd (in her film debut), Ben Johnson, Eileen Brennan, Ellen

Burstyn, Cloris Leachman, Clu Gulager, Randy Quaid and John Hillerman. The film features many songs of Hank Williams and other recording artists played throughout. The film was directed and co-written by Peter Bogdanovich, adapted from a semi-autobiographical 1966 novel The Last Picture Show by Larry McMurtry.

Mariam (Documentary) Iraq TRT 28:00

In Iraq, a military media team helps to rescue the Mosul family from the rubble after their house was blown up by ISIS.

Meta Film (Experimental Feature) Mexico TRT 01:35:00

A Mexican couple out fronts different situations on their way to making a movie in Humboldt County. On their journey they question themselves about destiny, signals, independent filmmaking, will; and they represent their thoughts and learnings in musical and psychedelic sequences, dreams and spontaneous words and phrases that construct these wonders and seekings of their minds.

Mousse (Drama) Sweden TRT 41:00

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?

My Forest (Documentary) Belgium TRT 6:57

“With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries and its meetings…”

No Man’s Land (Drama) Denmark TRT 14:45

In a not so distant apocalyptic future, where resources are scarce and humanity is at its final hour, one man finds himself in a deserted no man’s land where the question of right and wrong is not asked. He must not take a single decision lightly before losing what little humanity he has left. What if the wrong action is the right one? The one that saves you and your loved ones.

The Oil Spill (Drama) Australia TRT 13:59

In the wake of an oil spill, an office worker must deny his firm’s culpability, while dealing with a mysterious black substance that leaks from his nose and mouth.

Otto’s Truck (Drama) USA TRT 8:55

After an accident on an oil field, Otto Schenck’s fatal decision leads to a vast fortune but he is forever haunted by the consequences. Based on the short story “Uncle Otto’s Truck” by Stephen King.

Pentecost (Drama) USA TRT 5:30

Delilah, a snake handler’s daughter, seeks a spiritual gift of her own in her father's rattlesnake.

The Pickle (Drama/Comedy) USA TRT 14:07

In a small town, a long-time feud between two neighbors has reached a fever pitch. The laid-back sheriff and his wisecracking sidekick try to keep everything from getting out of hand but this proves harder than they expected.

Point-A (Horror/Thriller) USA TRT 8:50

Barreling through the deep, rural night, a man decided to take the long way home. Now he's regretting it, and home has never seemed so far away.

Rabbits (Drama) USA TRT 12:30

Set in turn-of-the-century Kansas, an isolated farmer finds the body of a woman alongside a road.

Rental (Drama/Comedy) USA TRT 1:20

A lonely clerk at the last ever video rental store struggles to connect with his constantly changing world, and must decide whether to adapt or drift into his subconscious.

Sam Houston A Texas Hero (Animation) USA TRT 5:21

This animated short recounts the life of the Texas hero, Sam Houston, highlighting his role in the Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Revolution.

The Sandwichery  (Documentary) USA TRT 4:28

An Odessa lunch institution since 1986, The Sandwichery takes you behind the counter and shows you the key to their success.

Shun Li and the Poet (Drama) Italy TRT 01:40:00

Shun Li works in a textile factory near Rome, when suddenly she is transferred to work as a bartender at a pub in a small town along the Venetian Lagoon. There she meets a fisherman named Bepi, who is a handsome old Slavic immigrant nicknamed "The Poet." A tender, delicate friendship grows between Shun Li and Bepi. But gossip soon threatens their bond that had once transcended two very different, yet not at all distant cultures.

Thanks for Everything (Drama) Norway TRT 29:50

After a series of coincidences two strangers happen to meet on a deserted bridge at night. They have little in common but they do share one thing.

The Truth of the Sun (Drama) USA TRT 11:49

An estranged father tries to reconnect with his recently engaged son before the wedding.

Two of Five Million (Documentary) USA TRT 5:40

Two cousins from Deer Ez-Zor, Syria flee from ISIS and leave everything they have behind to seek opportunity and freedom. While one makes it out okay, the other is not so lucky...

Until We See Each Other Again (Drama) USA TRT 9:00

A middle-class guy, named Nate has a negative outlook on life since he failed to become a writer and struggles to find love in modern day. One day he meets a bartender named Iris, who might be the one to change Nate’s perspective on life. The new-found friendship or relationship changes the course of his life in a new direction.

Videl (Drama) USA TRT 14:00

A narcissistic manipulator called Arthur travels to hell in order to save the love of his life from the Devil´s claws.

West Texas Food Bank Training Video & PSA  USA TRT 3:08

Created by David Martinez, Mathew Marruffo and Alvera Phergson for their COMM 1335 class in the Odessa College Mass Communication program.

What Remains of You (Romance) France TRT 18:00 Michel and Sophie are two lovers. They don’t dare to think about the future yet. And then fate gets on their way. How to finish what had just started? Directed by Kevin Dresse.

Where Is Damien Stafford? (Thriller) Australia TRT 6:30

A psychological thriller examining the journey of a mailman delivering a letter in an office in which all workers seem determined to get in his way. Something is off, and someone, if not everyone, is crazy. Directed by Alex Dona.