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VET - Vision, mission and goals (Adopted 26 April 2020)
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The vision, mission and goals of the

Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team
The VET focuses on the 3 Rs: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of volunteers

The role of the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) is to provide the Joomla Community with a pleasant, welcoming and healthy environment in which to contribute and share our passion for Joomla!

When volunteers are happy and appreciated and they have access to the necessary knowledge and tools (both software and processes) they should feel more motivated and in turn become more productive. The VET, by supporting volunteers and the teams, strives to assist the Joomla Community to accomplish more, leading to improving the long-term stability and success of the Joomla! Project.

The VET aim to achieve the above mission by focussing on three primary areas: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition.


The Joomla Project needs to regularly recruit new volunteers at various levels of involvement. Contributions range from short bursts of occasional activity, through to being dedicated to providing regular contributions through becoming a team member or part of Joomla’s Leadership group.

The VET is tasked with reaching out via all feasible means to make supporters of Joomla aware of the various ways they can contribute to the Joomla project. On receiving expressions of interest from new volunteers, the VET then works with teams and working groups to onboard new volunteers to roles that match their skills and interests.

The VET has a role similar to a Human Resources department, providing assistance to teams and working groups to formulate informative and attractive position descriptions to be used in the above outreach programs


Volunteers are the core asset behind Joomla’s success. Focussing on programs to retain volunteers in the community is essential to its continued success.

The VET aims to run programs that enable continuous improvement in the organisation:


Recognition & Acknowledgement of Contributions

The VET is tasked with recognizing and acknowledging the efforts of our volunteers and to ensure that they know their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

The Joomla project are able to recognise and appreciate our volunteers by:

There are no direct financial rewards from being a volunteer, so the role of the VET is to find and implement innovative ways to recognise the efforts throughout the Joomla community.

Valuing Skills to Value Add to the Organisation

Our volunteers also have a broad range of skills and knowledge. We should recognise and use these to strengthen the community


By focussing on these three areas, the Volunteer Engagement Team aims to continuously deliver services to the entire Joomla community to improve communications, processes and performance across all parts of the Joomla community.

If you would like more information on contributing to Joomla, joining VET or to provide feedback on the VET mission, values and goals statement above, please contact the VET via email at

Adopted 26 April 2021 by the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team

Last updated 26 April 2021