Updates for Ignacia, Strathroy Rotary's 2018/2019 Inbound youth from Chile


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2019.04.12 Nacha is amongst a group of about 50 exchange students attending a Toronto Rock professional Lacrosse game.

2019.04.02 Weekly update

Nacha took a literacy test and tried out for the soccer and frisbee teams.  

2019.01.17 Actualization of my exchange

As everybody must know by this time I am from Chile and something interesting about us, chileans, is that we are usually late or we leave our thing for the very last moment.

Almost 5 months after I arrive, I’m going to tell you what have I done during my exchange.

I better start introducing myself. My full name is Maria Ignacia Noguera Guarderas, I am 17 years old and I come from a city called Valdivia, in the south part of Chile. I live in there with my mom, Maria Ines, my grandma, Maria Ines too, my older sister, Maria Victoria, my little brother, Tomas and my wonderful dog, Chicho. My dad, Rony, lives in Antofagasta, a city in the north part of the country, we talk to each other almost everyday and he visits us every time he can.

I think I am able to say that I have a lot of friends, but my girls, my best friends are 5, and the best part is that I can share differents adventures with each one of them. With Pame, the fighter one, I can go to different manifestations and we love to talk about politics, changes and feelings. With Tae I act like a child, she is really mature, but when we are together we look like 5 years old kids, she also loves to braid my crazy hair. With Cata I talk about boys, we always dream about our prince charming and when we start speaking about it nobody can stop us, also, when we have free time about the boys theme, we play volleyball. With Jeshu I dream, we always think about things that we can do, places to travel to, concerts and parties to go, marriage, kids, and all kind of random things. With Jaña, we play volleyball, we run and we play dumb all the time, the best jokes you’ll ever listen come from her. We are just like sister and we share everything, but what we most like to do together is eat and talk, nothing is better for us than that.

In the other part of my life I have my canadian life, that you will probably be more interested in so I better start.

I arrived in Canada in the night of August 24. That night I was really scared because my flight came late, so I thought that my host family was going to leave me there and I would have to live my exchange in the Toronto Airport, luckily they did not left me there, they were waiting for me as excited as I was, I will never be thankful enough about what they did, because the open their home and family to me without expecting anything, even when they didn’t know anything about me.

I feel that I am a very lucky person because I am doing this know, when we have all of this social media that can help us to remind some things, so that’s going to help me (a lot).

2018.08.31 I went with Marianne to SDCI, my high school so I could deal with all my courses and credits. There I met Rick Rogozinski (I hope I spelled it okay, sorry Rick if I didn’t) he was really funny since the beginning, I’ll never forget how he introduced himself to me, he said “don’t worry, I am smarter than I look” and that was enough to feel comfortable saying whatever I want to say when he is there. That they Marianne and I, we went to Sarnia, we had fish and fries under the bridge and then we went to Lake Huron, it look so nice.

2018.08.27 I met Chris Das, what a funny guy I think since that day, and he took me to the CNE in Toronto, with all his family, it was really nice, even if it took me a lot of time to order a wrap and an orange juice by myself (what a tough thing to start with).

2018.08.25 I met Marianne Kennes and Sharrie Klaver, one of the most crazy and lovely girls that I have ever met. At the first time they scared me a little bit but now I can keep track of what they say.

2018.08.24 Ignacia arrives in Canada

Ignacia arrives in Toronto, and is picked up by Sarah and Chris Bongers, who will be Ignacia’s first host family in Canada.  Bienvenido a Canadá Ignacia!