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Burnham-on-Sea Camera Club, in its present form, has now been in existence since 2010.

The club is open to anyone who is interested in photography, whatever their level of skill or the medium they use. Nearly all members use digital media, although a few still use traditional darkroom techniques. Several members have gained major distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

The club meets every Tuesday from 7.00 to 9.30 in the BAY Centre, Cassis Close, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, TA8 1NN where there is ample free parking with disabled access and free Wi-Fi.

From the beginning of September through to mid-July the club runs a full programme.  We meet on an adhoc basis during the summer holidays for social purposes and activities.

Meetings take a variety of forms, with visiting speakers, regular competition nights, practical evenings, and members sharing their own interests and skills.  We hold an annual exhibition and every member is encouraged to exhibit.

Speakers will start at 7.15 pm and finish at 9.15 pm.

The Camera Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Western Counties Photographic Federation.

Committee 2019


Phil Thorne  (plus yearly programme)


Jan Bonus   (plus yearly competitions)


Jean Haines

BAY Centre rep:

Mike Lang


Jill Kearney

Our chairman, Phil Thorne is happy to receive calls from people interested in joining the club or to discuss our activities.  His contact details are


Competitions are held regularly (monthly where possible) for paid-up members of the club. We hold both digital and print competitions. Judging is usually the last meeting of the month.

All competitions are judged by external judges or, internally, by the members present. All entries for both types of competition are due-in two weeks before judging or as decided by the Competition Secretary. Digital entries can be sent to the Secretary on or brought along on a Tuesday evening to be transferred by either Jan or John.

Prints or digital images submitted for competitions should have been taken within the last 12 months to the date of the competition.

Digital images - Up to 3 images may be submitted for each competition. They should be JPEG files with a filename consisting of the image title plus the owner's membership number.

Print images - Up to 3 pictures may be submitted for each competition. Pictures are to be up to a maximum size of A3 and mounted on a 40 cm x 50 cm mount board. The colour of the mount board is at the discretion of the member themselves. The name of the image and the owner’s membership number should be on the back of the mount.

DPIC Competition - Up to six digital images may be submitted to be considered for DPIC (a maximum of 4 images per owner are allowed to go forward). The Images must be JPEG files with a maximum format of 1600 pixels (wide) x 1200 pixels (high), so portrait images should be no more than 1200 pixels high. The filename should consist of the image title plus the owner's membership number.

(Mount sizes and print sizes for Exhibitions are members own choice and pictures do not have an age limit.)

Data Protection

With your consent, the Burnham-on-Sea Camera Club will collect, store and use your personal data entered on the membership form to communicate with you, to administer your membership and to identify you in club activities. Your personal data will be deleted 3 months after you cease to be a member. You have the right to revoke your consents and have your data deleted by contacting The Data Controller is Burnham-on-Sea Camera Club. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy on .


Camera Club Website

This website,, is a public website. It has pages containing information about the club, its constitution, its rules, its yearly programme, its Data Protection policy, its competition information, links to associated websites and links to software training videos, HowTos & miscellaneous info.

Camera Club Flickr group

To join the camera club Flickr group, you will need to have a Flickr account and be a paid-up member of the camera club.

You can join the Camera Club Flickr group by going to our Flickr site (the link to our Flickr site is on our ‘Links’ page) then clicking on the ‘Join Group’ button. You will be asked to create a Flickr account or sign in with an existing one.

Camera Club weekly competition Flickr group

To join the camera club weekly competition Flickr group, you will need to have a Flickr account and be a paid-up member of the camera club.

You can join the Camera Club weekly competition Flickr group by going to the Flickr site (the link to our competition Flickr site is on our ‘Links’ page) then clicking on the ‘Join Group’ button. You will be asked to create a Flickr account or sign in with an existing one.

Camera Club Facebook

To join the club’s Facebook page, you need to have your own Facebook account and be a paid-up member of the camera club. From your own Facebook page, search for ‘Burnham-on-Sea Camera Club’ and ask to join it.

Club Rules

1. The name of the club shall be BURNHAM-ON-SEA CAMERA CLUB.

2.  The object of the club shall be photography in all its aspects.

3.  Membership of the club shall be to all who satisfy the committee, and members must abide by all the rules of the club as laid down here or by the committee.

4.  The club’s subscriptions shall be fixed at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM).  Prospective members are to be allowed to attend TWO meetings paying only the admission charge.  When formal application is made to join the club the appropriate membership fee shall be paid.  Only fully paid up members may enter club competitions

5.  The management of the club shall be vested in the committee which shall consist of officers elected at the AGM.  These officers to be: - Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Event Organiser and such officers that the club decides.  All these posts will be for TWO years’ duration.  Committee posts falling vacant maybe filled by calling for nominations and a vote by all members within SIX weeks of the post becoming vacant.

6.  The committee shall do all things necessary to carry out the object of the club, but shall not without reference to the members at an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING (EGM) OR AGM: - Expend any sum of money in excess of 25%of the total cash of the club, with the exception of known costs.  Accept loans from an outside source.  Mortgage, charge or dispose of the club’s assets except cash as already provided for above.  The club funds shall be held in a bank nominated by the committee the name of which shall be furnished by the treasurer on request.

7.  The committee shall have the right to expel a member. Such expelled members have a right to appeal to the committee. The minimum of two committee members shall convene to hear the appeal.

Any committee member(s) involved in the reason for the expulsion or who initiate the expulsion process cannot take part in the expulsion process or the appeal process

(in the unlikely event of all committee members being involved in the reason for the expulsion then club members will be temporarily co-opted onto the committee to deal with the expulsion and appeal processes).

The appeal decision will be final. A member expelled under this rule shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid. The appeal procedure will be treated in the strictest confidence to protect any complainant and also any expelled member.

8.  These rules may only be altered at an AGM or an EGM called for that purpose.  At least 14 days’ notice of such a meeting shall be given to the club.  A quorum for these meetings shall not be less than 40% of the fully paid up membership. No rule shall be altered unless two thirds of the members’ present vote in favour of the resolution.

9.  At the request of 5 or more fully paid up members or 4 committee members, made in writing, and with reasons to the secretary, an EGM shall be called within 21 days.  The secretary shall give 14 days’ notice and set out reasons for the meeting.

10.  Committee meetings shall be held at the discretion of the committee members, and these meetings should be held at least quarterly.  A quorum for a meeting should be at least 50% of the committee.  At the request of 4 committee members made in writing, and with reasons, to the secretary the chairman shall call a committee meeting at a time suitable to a quorum.

11. The date of an Annual General Meeting shall be fixed at the previous AGM, unless special permission is given at an EGM to change the date at the recommendation of the committee.

12. The club shall elect, at the AGM, either two members who are NOT members of the committee as auditors or one auditor who is not a member of the club.

13. The chairman shall have the casting vote at all meetings of the committee, or AGM or EGM. 

14. The chairman has the right to attend any meeting of any sub-committee or selection committee, though s/he has no voting rights at these meetings.

15. All nominations for posts on the committee shall be in the hands of the secretary one week before the date of the AGM.

16. Any business normally conducted at an AGM may be conducted at an EGM.

17. The Burnham-On-Sea Camera Club accepts the use of digital manipulation in all competitions, provided that all the original components are the exclusive work of the author.  The use of copyright free images is not allowed, nor will plagiarism be tolerated.  The copyright of all prints entered must be at the disposal of the author.

18. In the event of Burnham-On-Sea Camera Club ceasing to exist, any items of equipment owned by the club are to be offered for sale by auction to club members, the proceeds of such a sale to be donated to the BAY CENTRE.

19. Burnham-On-Sea Camera Club will not discriminate against members, guests or suppliers of services or goods to the club, on the grounds of disability, age, gender, race or sexual orientation, and will not permit any member to do so at meetings, events or in any business or communication involving the club.

20. Any member, that by their actions or comments, brings the club into disrepute, will be suspended from the club pending a formal meeting of the committee to arbitrate the matter.

21. Any matter not covered by these rules shall be decided upon by the committee whose decision is final.


1. The Camera Club has been set up under the auspices of the Bay Centre.

2. A member of the Bay Centre Management Committee will be a member of the Camera Club Committee.

3. The Camera Club will be governed by a committee consisting of the four elected officers: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Events Organiser plus the mandatory member of the Bay Centre Committee (a total of five members).

4. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once a year, normally in the second quarter.  At this meeting there will be a report from the Committee on the activities held since the previous AGM including the Balance Sheet and accounts (which will have been signed by the Auditor).  The meeting will consider any other business relevant to the Camera Club.  The Committee will then stand down every second year and nominees for new committee will be voted.  The Committee will then be elected which will assume authority immediately following the closure of the Annual

General Meeting.  The Chairperson will then be elected by the Committee for the following term.

5. The Committee shall: - Have full control over the finances of the Club, except the subscription rates that shall be determined at an AGM.  It shall also have the power to co-opt to fill vacancies on the Committee.  It will have power to appoint sub committees with such terms of reference as may from time to time be determined.

6. The members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary a minimum of one week before the announced date of the AGM.  All officers and elected members shall retire and shall be eligible for re-election.

7.  Meetings of the Committee shall be held at such times and places as the Committee shall decide.  In the event of a vote being required on an issue, each member of the Committee shall have one vote with the Chairperson having the casting vote.

8. Ten competitions shall be held per year, half of which will be print competitions, half of which will be digital format, which may be judged by an external judge.

9. Suggested changes to this constitution should be submitted in writing to the Secretary for discussion by the Committee.

10. Changes agreed by the Committee will be presented to the club members for adoption by majority voting.

This constitution was adopted at the AGM July 2012