[LOCAL] Fake Pharmacist since 2006

Newt throws Ann Coulter under the bus on Fox and Friends

NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk promotes Scientology front group on Fox and Friends

Jesse Waters on the state of journalism on Fox’s The Five

Bill Mitchell on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and the dems taking the house

Starbucks CEO who is thinking about running for president shouldn’t

Famous MRA and “boob man” Roosh V on butts

You have to be fucking kidding. Milo - Silver and Gold (watch the video, trust)

Dave Rubin talks to a Canadian politician about ethno-nationalism

TYT dunks on Dave Rubin, mostly because he won’t have a discussion with anyone from Majority Report

This week’s palate cleanser comes from Doctor Striker!

Christian Evangelist Andrew Wommack on his son’s resurrection

Liz Crokin says she’s gonna quit the Q movement if the mass arrests don’t happen this year

[RED LIGHT] MadisonStar Moon having trouble understanding that stores sometimes change their name. 

And then fucking calls the store customer service to ask why: 

[RED LIGHT] Some loon named Doc Greene showed up at a library he had already been kicked out of previously with a gun because of drag queen story hour 

And then goes on his radio show to talk about it

[RED LIGHT] Mark Taylor and some dude named Chris McDonald talk about Democratic pedo rings because of course that’s what they’re going to talk about