David Lobser

(There is no T in Lobser)

502 17th St #2L - Brooklyn, NY 11215




My passion for creating emotionally compelling aesthetic experiences has led me to work with computer animation tools for most of my life. I have worn many hats and worked on a wide variety of projects and I love to share what I’ve learned along the way.


Lead Creative Technologist and Founder: Luxury Escapism, New York’s first digital spa.


2000 BFA SVA

2014 MPS ITP/Tisch NYU


2006-2007, Parsons, Thesis Advising

2 semesters, met bi-weekly, 5 students

2009-2010, Harvard, Intro to 3d Animation

        2 semesters, met weekly, 15 students in each class

        Introduction to basic principles of 3D animation via the development of a short film

2016, ITP/NYU co-teaching with Prof. Ken Perlin, Future Interfaces

        1/2 semester, met weekly, 20 students, theoretical class based on speculative UX/UI

2018, Computer Science/NYU, Intro to VR

        1 semester, met weekly, 25 students, co-teacher, focus on basic, multi-user, mobile VR

2014-2018, Future Reality Lab/NYU, VR researcher

        Primarily developed multi-user, location-based experiences for UX research


2011 - Tec De Monterrey, Queretaro, Mexico visiting scholar

        1 week, 5 lectures on special topics in animation and character design.

2012 - Harvard, Intro to 3D art direction

        One 3 hour workshop

2014 - Psyop Tech Talk

        One 3 hour talk focused on learning to code for artists.

2014 - Residency at SVA Visible Futures Lab

        1 semester, once a week, developed unique tools for 3D printing.

2014 - Residency IFP Media Center

        Resources were provided for independent VR development

2014 - Pratt Institute, Intro to GCode hacking

        One 3 hour talk for architects and product designers

2014 - UnConference, NYU, intro to three.js

        One 1 hour talk about the basics of web GL with the three.js library

2016 - ITP Camp, Shader workshop

        One 3 hour workshop, Intro to compute and regular shaders

2017 - Versions VR, VR for everyone

        One 3 hour workshop, intro to creating VR in Unity for people with no experience.

2017 - People’s Film Festival, VR for everyone

One 1 hour workshop, intro to creating VR in Unity for people with no experience.

2018 - SVA, Procedural design and code

        2 full days, 10 students, crash course in OOP for visual design

2019 - RLab, Computer Shaders

        1 day workshop on compute and regular shaders

2019 - Atlas/CU, VR for everyone

        1 week on-site supporting projects and teaching basic VR and shaders

2019 - Harvard, intro to C# in Unity

        4 half days, intro to coding in Unity for total beginners.


I have worked as a freelancer in various roles for 20+ years:

Director, CG supervisor, designer, illustrator, modeler, texturer, animator, lighter, compositor, developer.

Interactive Projects (Director and Developer):

The Launch, Samsung VR

Oceans VR, The Economist

Custom Parametric 3D modeling tool, Reify

Death & CO, Josephine Hart Foundation

Flock, location-based multi-user VR (SIGGRAPH, Phi Center, Verge, etc)

Cosmic Sugar, VR App

MoMAR, A guerrilla AR app designed for use at MoMA

Set & Setting, VR for ketamine infusion therapy

Patrick Jacobs, custom parametric modeling tool

East Forest, real time music videos

Honeycomb, for the Looking Glass

Here & Elsewhere, commissioned by the venue: Elsewhere

Personal Short Films (Director): Arcade, Elephant Girl, The Hunt, Mother's Day, A Breaking Wind, Unsung +/-, Cyberspace Timeshare

Commercial Clients (Director): Frito Lay, Fuse TV, Orbit Gum, Washington Post, Rotateq, Amway, MTV

Short Segments For Feature Length Documentaries (Designer/Director): American Teen, Collapse, WIPP

Projects Were Screened At These Festivals: Future of Storytelling Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Annecy, Rooftop Films, BIFF, HAFF, Kodak Screening, Woodstock Film Festival, 20/120, Florida International Film Festival, Cut Out Fest, Rotterdam Film Festival, Platform, etc…

Publications: Spa Informer Magazine, Stash, Shots, Boards, Creative Review, Game Informer, On Air, Post, SVA Visual Arts Magazine

Freelance Production Artist at: Fake Love, Wieden & Kennedy, Rhinoceros, Digital Domain, Nick Digital, Curious Pictures, Psyop, Brand New School, The Mill, Framestore, WETA, ESC, Laika, Hornet, FFake, Dancing Diablo, Radical Media, HBO, Light Harvest

Production Artist on Feature Films: Matrix III, Lord of the Rings III, King Kong, I-Robot

Software Used: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke, Processing, Javascript, WebGL, Unity/C#, Three.js