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David Lobser

(There is no T in Lobser)

502 17th St #2L - Brooklyn, NY 11215


I am a creator, developer, and producer of immersive, digital media. I have worked with leading brands and artists via my production studio, Object Normal. I also create therapeutic media and VR applications.


Founder of, a creative, digital boutique specializing in therapeutic XR.

Visitations, VR for ketamine infusion therapy.

Cosmic Sugar, VR for invoking flow states.

Winner, XR Innovation Award, Games for Change XR BrainJam 2021


2000 BFA SVA

2014 MPS ITP/Tisch NYU


2006-2007, Parsons, Thesis Advising

2 semesters, met bi-weekly, 5 students

2009-2010, Harvard, Intro to 3d Animation

        2 semesters, met weekly, 15 students in each class

        Introduction to basic principles of 3D animation via the development of a short film

2016, ITP/NYU co-teaching with Prof. Ken Perlin, Future Interfaces

        1/2 semester, met weekly, 20 students, theoretical class based on speculative UX/UI

2018, Computer Science/NYU, Intro to VR

        1 semester, met weekly, 25 students, co-teacher, focus on basic, multi-user, mobile VR

2014-2018, Future Reality Lab/NYU, VR researcher

        Primarily developed multi-user, location-based experiences for UX research

2019, SVA, adjunct professor

        Procedural Art

2020, Emeritus, online introduction to XR development class.

2020-2021, CU (Colorado University), adjunct professor

        Intro to Virtual Reality, Intro to programming (with p5js), Procedural Art


2011 - Tec De Monterrey, Queretaro, Mexico visiting scholar

        1 week, 5 lectures on special topics in animation and character design.

2012 - Harvard, Intro to 3D art direction

        One 3 hour workshop

2014 - Psyop Tech Talk

        One 3 hour talk focused on learning to code for artists.

2014 - Residency at SVA Visible Futures Lab

        1 semester, once a week, developed unique tools for 3D printing.

2014 - Residency IFP Media Center

        Resources were provided for independent VR development

2014 - Pratt Institute, Intro to GCode hacking

        One 3 hour talk for architects and product designers

2014 - UnConference, NYU, intro to three.js

        One 1 hour talk about the basics of web GL with the three.js library

2016 - ITP Camp, Shader workshop

        One 3 hour workshop, Intro to compute and regular shaders

2017 - Versions VR, VR for everyone

        One 3 hour workshop, intro to creating VR in Unity for people with no experience.

2017 - People’s Film Festival, VR for everyone

One 1 hour workshop, intro to creating VR in Unity for people with no experience.

2018 - SVA, Procedural design and code

        2 full days, 10 students, crash course in OOP for visual design

2019 - RLab, Computer Shaders

        1 day workshop on compute and regular shaders

2019 - Atlas/CU, VR for everyone

        1 week on-site supporting projects and teaching basic VR and shaders

2019 - Harvard, intro to C# in Unity

        4 half days, intro to coding in Unity for total beginners.

2022 - BioInnovation and Design Lab Santa Clara University, Procedural design for mindfulness.

2022 - GDC, VR for ketamine infusion therapy.

2022 - CETI Institute, Developing Cosmic Sugar VR.


I have worked as a freelancer in various roles for 20+ years:

Director, CG supervisor, designer, illustrator, modeler, texturer, animator, lighter, compositor, developer.

Lead Creative Technologist and Founder: Luxury Escapism, New York’s first digital spa.

Interactive Projects (Director and Developer):

Psyber (meditation app for medicinal journeys) ATAI Life Sciences

Rocket VR (meditation app for oncology)

Vive Dreaming, HTC

MindStream, Eunoe (therapeutic VR)

The Launch, Samsung VR

Oceans VR, The Economist

Custom Parametric 3D modeling tool, Reify

Death & CO, Josephine Hart Foundation

Flock, location-based multi-user VR (SIGGRAPH, Phi Center, Verge, etc)

Cosmic Sugar, VR App

MoMAR, A guerrilla AR app designed for use at MoMA

Set & Setting, VR for ketamine infusion therapy

Patrick Jacobs, custom parametric modeling tool

East Forest, real time music videos

Honeycomb, for the Looking Glass

Here & Elsewhere, commissioned by the venue: Elsewhere

Personal Short Films (Director): Arcade, Elephant Girl, The Hunt, Mother's Day, A Breaking Wind, Unsung +/-, Cyberspace Timeshare

Commercial Clients (Director): Frito Lay, Fuse TV, Orbit Gum, Washington Post, Rotateq, Amway, MTV, HTC

Short Segments For Feature Length Documentaries (Designer/Director): American Teen, Collapse, WIPP

Projects Were Screened At These Festivals: Future of Storytelling Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Annecy, Rooftop Films, BIFF, HAFF, Kodak Screening, Woodstock Film Festival, 20/120, Florida International Film Festival, Cut Out Fest, Rotterdam Film Festival, Platform, etc…

Publications: Spa Informer Magazine, Stash, Shots, Boards, Creative Review, Game Informer, On Air, Post, SVA Visual Arts Magazine

Freelance Production Artist at: Fake Love, Wieden & Kennedy, Rhinoceros, Digital Domain, Nick Digital, Curious Pictures, Psyop, Brand New School, The Mill, Framestore, WETA, ESC, Laika, Hornet, FFake, Dancing Diablo, Radical Media, HBO, Light Harvest

Production Artist on Feature Films: Matrix III, Lord of the Rings III, King Kong, I-Robot

Software Used: Unity/C#, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke, Processing, Javascript, WebGL, Three.js