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Costume Care Reminders
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Costume Care Reminders

Costume time is an exciting time at Studio J!  Costumes represent your instructor’s vision for your recital piece and they have put a lot of time into their selections…we hope you are as excited as we are to see them!  Also, please keep in mind that costumes are sewn for minimal use and may contain some imperfections…this is OK and will not be seen from stage!  Your child has had a final fitting and if alterations were needed, we have taken care of that for you before sending your costume home.  Of course, if we missed something, please bring your costume to the front desk (with your child) and we will help!  Costume care:

You should try on your costume once at home, but please do not post pics on social media until after the recital to save the surprise!!!  Please put your child’s name on the tag inside the costume before storing.

Parents of young students, please help your child into their costume.  When trying on costumes, be careful not to pull up by straps or delicate areas as tearing can occur.  

Store costumes in a safe place and do not allow the child to wear it until picture day/rehearsal/recital.  After that, it’s theirs to enjoy!

Proper Storage -Keep/transport your costume in the labeled garment bag provided

  -Unzip garment bag to air out costume

  -Keep accessories safely in the bag - they cannot be replaced

-Keep tights in the bag -do not use for class

-Tutus are meant to hang upside down thru leg opening to fluff