What our audience thought about “Sing Street”  

 (Screening: 26th June     Average rating: 4.7)

It looks like we hardly put a step wrong with our grand finale to the 2016-17 season. ‘Sing Street’ certainly seemed to hit the right note. Puns aside, the sentiment that this was a, ‘Good film to end the season with,’ was oft repeated in the feedback. The feeling that this had been, ‘A great evening’; a ‘Great end to the season’; a ‘Grand finale’ could not, it seems, have been over-stated.

The event began with our guest singer, Jack Mason. Jerry Ward had heard him busking on the mean streets of Farnham I believe and knew he had found a gem. It seems that you all agreed. ‘The live singer was a brilliant idea. Really impressive voice!’; ‘Loved the live singing … – thanks for that unexpected pleasure’; ‘Great singing before start’; ‘Pre intro singer excellent!! Well done ’; ‘Loved the singer at the beginning’; ‘The young lad at the beginning was a delight’; ‘Fantastic music line up

Another hero of the evening was Maurice whose introduction to the feature film was much appreciated: ‘Thank you for another informative introduction which greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the film’; ‘Intro to the film with extra info was fab’. An element of controversy crept into the feedback with comments about  the short film. I seem to remember that, after its screening, Maurice had made the wry comment, “Well, that was different!Your views provided interesting reading, ranging from: ‘Please burn the short’ to ‘Short film – very funny. Best yet’. It seems that it touched most people’s funny bones: ‘The short was amusing’; ‘Brilliantly witty’; ‘Silly but entertaining’; ‘Hilarious – loved it!’; ‘quirky, left-field and funny’; ‘Uplifting Aussie humour and inventive storyline’.

About ‘Sing Street’, there was little dissention: ‘Just terrific. No words needed’; ‘One of the most engaging films we have seen from Fleet Film’; ‘Funny and heart-warming all at once-loved it’; ‘So great to come out smiling… pure nostalgia. Loved it’; ‘fabulous film- excellent feel good film to end this season – especially in these difficult times – the exuberance of youth! –bring it on’.

There were those who knew the geography of the film well: ‘Delightful – set in Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey where we were brought up so speaking to the converted!’ Some, speaking from experience, reflected on the deeper and possibly darker elements of the film: ‘Loved ‘Sing Street’. Very emotive for me as an Irish person who came to England in the year this movie was set 1985’. There were clearly several members of the audience who had more than a nodding acquaintance with Ireland and the mores of a Roman Catholic education (I am one of them!): ‘Good fun, with the bonus of an insight into my wife’s tales of the part the Christian Brothers played in her convent education’.

Given that there seems to have been general agreement that the film fell into that rare category of those named, ‘A JOY’, there was still plenty who found depth as well: ‘Young love amidst family breakdown’; ‘Harks back to an Ireland that the young were desperate to get away from…’; ‘’Excellent film with a lot to think about’; ‘The feature film focuses on representing identity and the crisis of masculinity’.

The dialogue was the subject of some comment, from the hope of a member of the Irish contingent that the ‘Accents [might not be] too hard to understand for marred the enjoyment of the film for the observers. Indeed, another audience member wrote: ‘… authentic Irish cultural tones - & cracking dialogue – lovely’.

I loved this analysis of ‘Sing Street’: ‘”Gregory’s Girl” but with a band not football’. And I am definitely in agreement with the person who penned this: ‘Looking forward to the next season’s films’.non-Irish…’ to the wistful thought that, ‘Subtitles would have helped!’  One person said, ‘I struggled to understand the band manager (and my wife is Irish?!)’ and another thought that, ‘some of the vernacular was a little modern –“Whatever!”’. None of this seemed to have greatly

What a fantastic night.

Whole evening f… ing brilliant.

Brilliant end to a fabulous season!

First time as a guest – will come again!

I went home buzzing.