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2021-22 Winter Farmers Market Application
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2021 Winter Farmers Market Application

Food Business Success® is excited to bring you the 2021-22 Winter Farmers Market in partnership with Foothills.

Markets for 2021-2022:


Foothills Mall, Midtown Fort Collins, CO

Market hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (**with extended hours to 3pm for December Holiday Markets**)

Dates (All Saturdays):

11/6/2021, 10am-2pm

11/20/2021, 10am-2pm

12/4/2021, 10am-2pm

12/11/2021, 10am-3pm** Holiday

12/18/2021, 10am-3pm ** Holiday

1/15/2022, 10am-2pm

1/29/2022, 10am-2pm

2/12/2022, 10am-2pm - Buy Local For Your Love

2/26/2022, 10am-2pm

3/12/2022, 10am-2pm

3/26/2022, 10am-2pm

4/9/2022, 10am-2pm

4/23/2022, 10am-2pm

Please read over the 2021-22 Market Policies and Procedures BEFORE applying. YOU are responsible for following the guidance outlined in this document.


The Fort Collins Winter Farmers Market Communications will take place via email through Manage My Market and from


The mission for the Fort Collins Winter Farmers Market is to support local food producers, provide an outlet for direct-to-consumer sales, encourage season extension, increase the supply of fresh produce and whole foods in the region, and educate consumers about the variety of local foods produced during the fall, winter, and early spring. The Winter Farmers Market facilitates the creation of relationships between producers and consumers.

Types of Vendors

Multi-level marketing sales or national brands such as Avon, Arbonne, or Girl Scouts are not a good fit for our market. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for free booths when space allows. We can only allow items such as raffle (proper licensing allowing your organization to hold a raffle must be presented to our market staff) or event tickets to be sold, no other items are allowed to be sold during the market as part of the non-profit table. These tables are primarily informational.  

Note: A few value added products conflict with mall storefronts including soft pretzels, chocolate truffles and caramel apples for example. Your application fee will be refunded if you are denied based on a conflict with a Foothills tenant.

Selection Criteria & Space Prioritization

Space for vendors is limited, so these selection criteria are very important in choosing the right mix of vendors. Our goal is to have a portfolio of 75% food and 25% craft vendors at each market.

This is our order of preference for the types of food vendors:

  1. Fresh food vendors (produce, meat and poultry, eggs, honey, and other products raised or grown within 100 miles)
  2. Value-added food producers (baked goods, prepared products, cheese, sweets, etc.) whose products are produced locally in Northern Colorado.
  3. Handmade Goods by Crafters and Artisans located in Northern Colorado.
  4. Producers whose products are produced outside of Northern Colorado.

Our goal is to have a variety of goods represented, without over-saturating the market with a specific product, creating unnecessary competition. It is very important that all products are indicated on your application as well as timing of product availability.

Note: if you are a Cottage Foods Producer you must have attended a mandatory food labeling and food safety training course before you will be allowed to participate in the Winter Market. Check here for upcoming classes offered by CSU Extension and other training resources. Be prepared to upload your certificate of training or your recertification information.

For craft vendors:

We differentiate between types of high-quality handcraft vendors that apply for the markets. Craft vendors whose products are based in the local agricultural economy will be given preference over crafts that are of non-local origins.

Examples of crafts rooted in our local land-based economy: fiber arts, personal care products made from herbs and botanicals, leather work.

Please See Appendix Section 1.1 - Additional Selection Criteria – for more information about our selection process

Space Considerations

Foothills allows for our vendors to meet the required guidelines put out by the State and County Health departments to maintain booths 6’ apart from each other. This may change as guidance from the city changes. We utilize the hallways and storefronts as needed.

We ask all vendors to respect the space constraints of 8 feet per booth to fit in all their merchandise and selling space (besides those who sign up and pay for additional space). This allows us to host the most vendors possible, which seems to really help draw the greatest number of customers, especially during the holiday season. We work to make vendor booth assignments that are best for the health and economics of the market.

Application Procedure & Fees

Applying for the market:

A completed application is required to be considered to attend the market.

A non-refundable application fee* of $65.00 must accompany your application for consideration.

*If you are denied due to a conflict with a Foothills Mall tenant, your application fee will be refunded

Market Fees & Sales Tax

There is a $40 per market, per booth fee for all vendors.  See schedule below for application timetable.

An additional percentage of sales is collected at the end of each market based on your product category. The percentage fee for gross sales is due at the end of each market.

You will be invoiced the $40 per market multiplied by the number of markets you are accepted for.  Acceptances are final, and must be paid in full by October 29, 2021. 


Sales Tax: Vendors are responsible for paying their own sales tax. Packaged food for home consumption does not pay State or County tax, but does need to pay the city of Fort Collins sales tax of 2.25% by obtaining a sales tax license. For more information please visit

Space Available: All applications submitted after our initial closing date of September 13, 2021 will be considered only for booth spaces available during individual market dates (not the entire season) unless otherwise available.  Be prepared to be assigned a different booth space each market.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PLACEMENT: Vendors who attend 12 or more markets are given prioritized placement and we do our best to assign to a permanent location. Vendors attending 11 or fewer markets will be assigned booths from week to week and should expect to be in a different location.  

To apply, fill out the application below and pay your application fee via Manage My Market. You will be sent an invoice once your application is complete and submitted. Your application will not be considered until the application fee is paid.


If you have a credit on your account from a previous market, you can use this towards your application or booth fees.

Refunds & Absences

NO REFUNDS will be provided on the booth space fees (of $40 per market per booth). We plan our marketing and staffing budgets based on the fees. Please carefully plan your market season dates and help us ensure good attendance at all markets.  


Absences: If you have to miss a market, please give notice to the Market Manager via email as soon as possible. Repeated, unannounced absences may result in losing your Market spot in current or future seasons.

NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE If you are unable to attend a market date you have signed up for, please remember there will be no refunds. There is a wait-list of Vendors who would like the opportunity to attend the market in the event of your absence.

Cancellation Notice



10+ days notice

No Fee

Credit to account

49 hours - 9 days notice

No Fee

No credit

48 hours or less

$25 fee*

Invoiced; must be paid before next market

*Vendors who are scheduled for 12 or more markets will receive two passes before being charged a fee. Vendors attending 11 markets or fewer, will have one pass before being charged.

COVID19 policy: Farmers markets are an essential business and we plan to operate for the entire season. If the market is not able to operate due to shut downs required by the State of Colorado, Larimer County or the City of Fort Collins refunds are as follows:

Application timetable

August 2

Applications released with early bird application fee of $55

September 13

Completed applications due online with $55 application fee paid are given first consideration

September 14

Applications remain open; fee goes up to $65 and will be given space as available

September 20

Acceptance and dates for early bird vendors announced; invoices sent with 15% discount

October 8

All market invoices for the year must be paid in full in order to receive the 15% discount on booth fees. Full price booth fee invoices will be sent after this date.

October 29

All market invoices must be paid in full or the vendor will not be allowed to participate in the first market or thereafter until all fees are paid.  

November 6

First Winter Farmers Market of the season

April 23

Last Market of the season

1.1 – Additional Selection Criteria

Other criteria that affect vendor selection:

1.2 Food Safety Regulations

All Food Producers and Grower

While specific food safety regulations have not been aimed directly at farmers market and CSA operations in the past, there is increased attention specific to these types of food businesses.  There is more and more pressure on farmers market organizers to require GAP (good agricultural practices) and GHP (good handling practices) certifications from their vendors.  


The Fort Collins Makers Market does not require these certifications, but strongly recommends that growers and producers develop food safety plans and begin to meet the GAP and GHP requirements if you haven’t already.



Packaged Food Producers (not raw agricultural products) are REQUIRED to have product liability insurance (go to if you need to purchase and use code FBS10 to save $10) and must name CULTIVATE CONSULTING, LLC as an additional insured. Please upload to your market account - do not email the market manager directly. 



Cottage Food Act Producers

Vendors selling products produced under the Cottage Food Act must have their food handler’s license and have a copy readily available at the market. In addition, food items must be labeled correctly with the Cottage Food Act language as well as displayed at your booth.


All Other Value Added, Packaged Food Producers

If you self produce your product, you must upload a copy of your Colorado wholesale license or your County Retail Food License to your market account.

Thank you for applying to the 2021-22 Fort Collins Winter Farmers Market. Check your email for an invoice to pay the application fee through PayPal. The receipt will say Cultivate Consulting, LLC.  Applications will not be processed until the fee is received.

Applications received on or before September 13 will be evaluated as a group with decisions announced on September 20. If your application is received after September 13, please allow up to 7 business days for your application to process once the application fee is received.

Please upload the required documents to your 'Licensing' tab as soon as possible! If you'd like to access any market documents, these can be found in your 'Documents' tab.