Non-Medical/Recreational Marijuana Moritorium

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many marijuana shops would be allowed in Wayland?

A: The current law states that any city or town can have up to 20% of the amount of active liquor licenses for recreational marijuana establishments. This equates to the potential for 5 shops in Wayland.

Q: What is the marijuana tax structure?

A: State sales tax: 6.25%

     State excise tax to support and fund the cannabis control commission: 10.75%

     Local tax levy: up to 3% based on itemized level of need

In comparison with other states with a recreational marijuana program, we are tied for the lowest tax rate, with the state of Maine. In comparison California has a 15% sales tax, Colorado 15% sales tax and a 15% excise tax, and Oregon has a 17% sales tax.

Q: Medical vs. Recreational?

A: This article only addresses recreational marijuana establishments and does not cover any law regarding medical marijuana. Wayland does not currently have any regulations or by-laws addressing medical marijuana or medical marijuana businesses.

Q: Who will establish and oversee the regulations and licensing?

A: At the moment no rules, regulations or guidelines have been provided by the state. The recently formed cannabis control commission has just begun to form and the commission is not planning on releasing regulations until March 1st, 2018 at the earliest.  

Q: What are we voting on at the Special Town Meeting?

A: A six-month moratorium provides the town time to review regulations, study the impact on other towns and have the ability to move forward responsibly. Without the passing of Article 12, we are faced with the possibility of licenses for commercial marijuana businesses being submitted April 1st with licenses being granted June 1st, allowing businesses to open July 1st, 2018. Without regulations and local by-laws in place, we do not believe this to be a responsible approach.

Q: What is happening in other communities in MA?

Over 133 cities and towns have already taken action in MA by passing temporary moratoriums or taking action to ban marijuana establishments within their communities. Of the towns bordering Wayland, all have taken action in the form of a temporary moratorium or opt-out ban except for Framingham.

Q: Are adults allowed to grow marijuana at home?

A: Yes. Every adult over the age of 21 may grow up to 6 plants in their primary residence, with a maximum of 12 plants per household. As the head of household, you are allowed to be in possession of the full yield of your harvest, even if it exceeds the 10-ounce limit.

Q: How much marijuana can an adult posses in MA?

A: An adult over the age of 21 may posses up to 1 ounce of marijuana in public and up to 10 ounces total in there home. Adults over the age of 21 may also posses up to 5 grams of marijuana concentrate.

Q: What forms of marijuana are now legal for adults over the age of 21 to posses?

A: In addition to dried marijuana flowers, adults may also possess edible marijuana products (brownies, gummy bears, chocolates, etc.) marijuana concentrates (wax, dabs, oil) and tinctures.