A.         Introduction

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District (HWRSD) is committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. Driven by the District’s Core Value to develop the whole child, including academic abilities and physical and emotional well-being guided by the district’s strategic plan, and the Massachusetts Coordinated School Health Program and in accordance with the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 a local Wellness Policy has been developed with input from teachers, administrators and community members.

B.         Health Education

HWRSD will implement a planned, sequential; pre K-12 curriculum that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health and that is aligned with the Mass Health and PE Frameworks and existing district policies. Standards for nutrition education will be included within the preK-12 health education curriculum.

C.         Physical Activity

 HWRSD will implement a planned, sequential, pre K-12 physical education curriculum that addresses the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all students. This program will provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that are interwoven with sound standards, benchmarks, and assessments to focus on student learning. Opportunities for learning experiences in a variety of activity areas, including physical education, teams and sports clubs, and co-curricular activities will be provided.  Daily directed physical movement will be promoted at all levels.

D.        Healthy Eating

HWRSD will:

E.         Health Promotion for Staff

HWRSD will identify and recommend informal opportunities and resources that support school staff as they model healthy wellness practices within the district

F.         Healthy School Environment

HWRSD will promote safe, healthy, well-maintained surroundings that support a culture of caring, respect and responsibility.

G.         Family/Community Involvement

HWRSD will make efforts to gather resources, define services, provide programs and respond to the health needs of HWRSD students and families. In addition, the district may also support other broad-based groups that promote wellness as they are created within our communities.

II.        Policy Review and Revision

This policy and its procedures will be reviewed every two years for compliance with state and federal law. Review and revision of these policies and procedures shall occur as needed, but at least every two years.

III.         Legal References

Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004

Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act

Child Nutrition Act of 1996

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Massachusetts General Laws:

c.71 s.3 (physical education)

c.69 s.1c (nutritional standards and food services in public school)

c 71 s. 2a (tobacco, student use)

c.71, 337h (tobacco, use on school grounds)

Adopted: June 15, 2006

Reviewed: December 18, 2014