The King’s Dinner 2018

October 12, 2018 at 5-8 PM CDT
County Line on the Lake Restaurant on Ranch 2222

Austin, Texas


Sponsors: 35

Grand Duke / Grand Duchess ($750 or more)

BelGarian of Ordinis Mortis

(Thank you!)


Winfield of PaxLair

I believe in the people … always of and for the people. I sponsor so we all may have a memorable regal event with Lord British, Darkstarr, and each other. Huzzah!


Winquest Cybersecurity

Winquest Cybersecurity provides Portalarium with no-cost DarkWeb monitoring to reduce the risk of bad-actors using the Portalarium domain. Winquest also sponsored Taberna Novia at SotACon East in 2016.

Duke / Duchess ($500 or more)

Fionwyn Wyldemane of Pax et Amor

Tune in to "Wylde Safari" with DJ Sister Love on Avatars Radio, Saturday evenings, 6PM-8PM CST (US). Each week is an exploration seeking out new sensations and good vibrations. If you like a combination of talk radio, music, community spotlights, dance parties and more, buckle up and join me. You never know what's around the bend!


Istyrl Miroa

(Thank you!)


Order of the Drunken Elders

The Order of Drunken Elders is a diverse guild with high level crafters, adventurers, and master decorators, where friendship and laughter flourishes – in game and in Discord.

Our twin municipalities of Falling Waters Fortress and Flowing Waters Forest offer a variety of amenities

Falling Waters for those who enjoy “city living”

Flowing Waters for those who prefer a more rustic  setting.

Sir Frank Baxley

(Thank you!)

Count / Countess ($250 or more)

Brickbat of Every Virtue is Lasting (EVL)

(Thank you!)


The Player Owned Town of Knight's Watch

Knight's Watch offers tax-free, rent-free housing to active Avatars and guilds without the means to access housing otherwise. To enquire on exclusive access to a Row or Village home, contact Astor Cerberus.

Viscount / Viscountess ($100 or more)


Gamers Helping Gamers! Play For A Cause!

We are so dedicated to best use of YOUR donations to Aerie Fund, this sponsorship is from members' personal funds.

We all donate in many ways! Huzzah! 



Just Create !


Jackalope of BMC

Recognizing all guilds and individuals of our outstanding community who are the foundation of this great game.



Honored to supply our SOTA community with all their raw materials, refined materials, finished goods, reward items, pledge items and more! 


Tates PC

Tates PC, owned/operated by Duke Violation, provides Avatars a low-cost health monitoring, optimization, and protection software to keep their link to New Britannia. Tates PC also sponsored SotACon East 2016 by designing, creating, and donating all 3D printed dice towers and Chaos Stars. Save $50 on the APF/TMF setup with discount code Kings Dinner. 


Wake Up New Britannia

Tune into Woftam and Justyn 7 AM CT (U.S.) Saturday mornings for Wake up New Britannia!

Baron / Baroness ($50 or more)

Baron Kherris Gorathy

Elwyn Moon

Gabriel Nightshadow

Istyrl Miroa

Jack SinAssist

Jinggau Warbringer

Lightning of Formosa

Mischievous Dragon

Moongate Travelers

Nefrinia Shadowstorm of Arcadia

RF Duke Godra

Rhonda McHeadache Reinen

Sean Silverfoot of PaxLair

Shroudbert Steinbot



Stephen Ravalox Reinen

Anonymous x 2

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This event is planned and executed by Winfield of PaxLair, not by Portalarium, the creator of the game Shroud of the Avatar.

Crown images are copyright 2010 by Sodacan on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

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