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about levi meir

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hello — چۆنی — שלום — hola — سلام

hi, my name is levi meir clancy!

he / him

i am a queer photographer from an interdisciplinary background. i focus on stock photography, portrait photography, and photojournalism.

🐣 who i am

i was born in los angeles in 1990 — a few hours after the conclusion of שמחת תורה simchat torah for the year 5751, according to the hebrew calendar.

i am jewish, from a mixed background that is multi-ethnic (white, ashkenazi, and ryukyuan / okinawan) as well as multi-religious (christian, jewish, and indigenous ryukyuan).

📈 by the numbers

2.5 — total languages i speak, mostly fractionally

10,000 — photos i’ve donated to wikipedia

14 — countries i’ve visited

2 — countries i’ve lived in

25 — number of hours i go offline each week for שבת shabbat

10 — age when i graduated high school

13 — age when i started at ucla

21 — age when i bought my first dslr camera

32 — age when photography became my only income

4 — cameras i use for publishing work

📄 early work

as an undergrad, i studied at ucla with a major in microbiology and a minor in near eastern studies. after that, i spent most of my adult life in هەرێمی کوردستان the kurdistan region of iraq. during that time, 2014 to 2022, i worked in local media in a variety of ways, ranging from field journalism to communications strategies to software development.

in 2022, while at the airport and on my way home to my apartment in هەولێر  hawler, i was taken by the kurdistan region’s security officers and confined in administrative detention. promoted by antisemitic figures, the allegation against me was that my presence was a threat to security.

thankfully, the american consulate secured my safe repatriation to the united states.

📸 current work

today, i am a digital nomad based mostly in the united states, méxico, ישראל israel, and الإمارات the united arab emirates.

i am honored to help amplify, through my photography, voices and themes that urgently need attention.

my work draws upon a broad spectrum of human life: from gender euphoria to indigenous revival — from stateless people to activist politicians — from private archives to public spaces —  and anything else that contributes to my mission,

to create memorable images of humankind