General Information on Camp Uniforms and Clothing

Purpose of camp uniforms

The goal of our uniform is to eliminate any preoccupation with style and brand of clothing, especially as it plays a part in creating power and prestige. Within the camp community, we want to focus on what is really important and to minimize what is not. In this handbook, you’ll find specific packing lists for each camp and help you and your child make appropriate decisions about what falls within our guidelines. The following guidelines should make purchasing your child’s uniform an easier process, and allow you and your camper to make appropriate decisions about what falls within our guidelines. The required quantities will ensure your camper has enough clothing even on laundry days.

Label, label, label

Everything—from your camper’s toothbrush and t-shirts to their rain boots and sleeping bags—

must be clearly labelled with their name. When it doubt, label it! Please use last name & first name (or initial). We have over 200 people on each of our three residential camp properties, all wearing and using the same kind of clothing and accessories.

We’ve found that labelling with black permanent Sharpie pens works best. Another option is to sew or adhere labels to items—just make sure they will stay on for the long haul, even when wet or used regularly.

Keeping track of clothing and belongings

Paste a list of your camper’s belongings inside his/her trunk to help ensure their return at the end of the summer. The most effective way to label tennis rackets, jackknives, etc. is to etch the name into the metal.

Camp clothing from Bendinger Brothers

Clothing and other items may be purchased from Bendinger Brothers or from other sources. Bendinger does not ship internationally. International orders will be shipped directly to the camp. Bendinger will be available at each camp on June 26 with a limited amount of product for sale. Order online at:  Or by phone: (800) 385-6995 or (484) 342-3522 Fax: (484) 342-3529 Bendinger accepts all major credit cards. Payment must accompany your order. Ordering deadline is May 15.

Weekly laundry service

Laundry goes out once a week and the full process takes three days, so please send your camper with enough clothes to stay clean for 10 full days and a laundry bag to hold dirty clothes when laundry is being done. The camp laundry is a high-volume operation and good clothing or clothing needing special attention should not come to camp. You might also expect some fading, as chlorine bleach is sometimes used.