Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday-Lesson 12: The Relationship Between Absolute Value and Order

Tuesday--Lesson 13: Statements of Order in the Real World

Wednesday---Module 3 Topic B Test (Lessons 7-13)

Thursday--Lesson 14/15: Ordered Pairs and Locating Ordered Pairs on the Coordinate Plane

Friday--Lesson 16: Symmetry in the Coordinate Plane

Next Test tentatively scheduled for December 13th.

Please join Ms. Kris Hymel’s 6th grade Remind class

Honors Math

Monday--Review Lessons 23-34:

Tuesday-- Module 4 Topics G-H Test

Wednesday--7th Grade Module 1 Lessons 11/12: Ratios of Fractions and Their Unit Rates

Thursday--Lessons 13; Finding Equivalent Ratios Given the Total Quantity

Friday-Lessons 14: Multi-Step Ratio Problems

Next Test tentatively scheduled for December 11th.

Please join Ms. Kris Hymel’s 6th grade Honors Remind class


ELA students will continue working on LEAP packets to strengthen their reading comprehension and essay writing skills. They will also read a poem and look for character traits then rewrite it in narrative format; we will identify language rhythm in poetry. We will also continue to identify plot and character traits through narratives.


Thermal Energy Unit

Monday: Sound and Vibrations

Tuesday: Vibration as it relates to loudness

Wednesday: Vibration as it relates to pitch

Thursday-Friday: How can different objects make so many different sounds

Social Studies



Map Quiz Tuesday, December 4th.

Indus Valley Test Thursday, December 6th.

girls Health and Pe

This week we will participate in Recreational Games

boys health and pe

This week we will participate in Recreational Games


This week students will begin with numeric keyboarding.  


Focus: The Band is working on their Christmas Concert Music that will take place on December 12th.

Please try to take care of all band fees by December 7, 2018.

Band Fundraisers this year:  World’s Finest Chocolate Sale in January.

Remaining Performances or Activities Until Christmas Holidays

1st and 6th Period Band--

2nd and 7th Period Band

Our Christmas Concert is on December 12th in the SLHS Auditorium. The concert will begin@ 6pm

Students can dress in Christmas outfits.  They can wear Christmas hats, but the lights need to be turned off during the concert if there are lights on their hat.