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Year for Memphis Music FAQ
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Year for Memphis Music FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read the Vision doc and still have some unanswered questions, here they are from others so far. Also, feel free to email and ask!

  1. Is this just a Visible Music College thing?
  1. Not at all, hundreds of Memphis music community participants are involved and five colleges in Memphis promoting internships and music from everyone!

  1. How can I be a part of the team?
  1. The best way to start is take the survey, this gets you in the Memphis Music Circle, on the Year for Memphis Music Team, and in a Project Group.

  1. What is the purpose of the group?
  1. To align ourselves for mutual support and success of Memphis music with no duplication and using the competition for business increase for all.

  1. Who is featured and why?
  1. Memphis artists that have participated in the survey and recommendations from people who have joined the team. They should represent a portion of the vast range of Memphis music professionally and with current product.

  1. What can I do to promote Year for Memphis Music?
  1. Please use the hashtag #yearformemphismusic whenever posting music related stuff.

  1. Is it going beyond 2019?
  1. We don’t know yet. We are just getting started together!

  1. Why are there people missing from the list?
  1. As a work in progress, we are taking submissions all year and working to make the lists of resources complete. If you notice something missing, send us an email at and help out.