Where the Rubber Meets the Road

CMP Extension Session, July 20, 2017

(For participants attending their first week long workshop)

Beth Wood, Rob Buckley, Ray Ostwald, Bill Rank

Introductions of committee panel

  1. Getting a feel for where you are
  1. Attendees: How are you doing?
  1. processing new information
  2. understanding CMP model
  3. writing your plan
  1. Practical approach for this coming school year
  1. Implementing your plan
  1. Review it before it’s time to hand it out / rehearse it
  1.  Is there anything you want to label in their music before handing it out?
  1. Form
  2.  Technical help
  3.  Other
  1.  Are there any “friction points” you want to address (scaffold) early?
  1.  Technical challenges
  2. Rhythms
  3.  Melodies
  4. Text or related materials
  1. Go for it - Implement the plan!
  1. Keep plan in your score
  2. Review, glance at plan regularly, especially outcomes & !
  3. Try the strategies! take a risk!
  4. Reach out for advice / help - committee, participants
  1. Teaching other pieces / units
  1. Do deeper/more analysis - Speculate!
  2. Write some outcomes, maybe on a post-it note in your music
  3. Ask yourself what the Heart might be.
  1. Student centered
  1. Do less “telling,” have students explore, discover, discuss
  1. Pair share
  2. Journal / note card response
  3. Ask more and better questions (Read “Questioning & Discussions” in binder)
  1.  Read “Listening to the Voices of Young Adolescents” Doda/ Knowles (binder - blue paper)
  1. Read “On-the-Spot Ideas” article (in binder, last grey page before gold)
  2. Consider programming fewer songs on a concert.
  3. Use CMP Model language and terms (Outcomes, Strategies, Heart, Affect…)
  4. Use “Take out the piece”

  1. Come back! June 18-22, 2018, Bring friends, bring colleagues, stay on campus if you can…...