Seventh Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday and Tuesday:  Module 3 Lesson 4 - Writing Products as Sums and Sums as Products

Wednesday and Thursday:  Module 3 Lesson 5 - Using the Identity and Inverse to write equivalent expressions.

Friday:  Module 3 Lesson 6 - Collecting Rational Number Like Terms

** Module 3 Topic A Test Wednesday, December 12th** (Estimated Date. This could change.)


Monday- Lesson 5 and lesson 6

Tuesday- Finish lesson 6

Wednesday - Review for topic A module 3

Thursday- Friday- Module 3 topic A test


Monday and Tuesday: reading Stave III of A Christmas Carol, continue analyzing Scrooge’s changing perspective

Wednesday and Thursday: District Assessment--Literary Analysis Task

Friday: introduction of culminating writing task, brainstorming writing


Monday & Tuesday - endocrine system

Wednesday & Thursday - skeletal and muscular system

Friday - Teacher made test

Social studies

Continue Washington and Adams Administration

Teacher Test next week

Achieve articles due December 21, 2018

girls Health and Pe

This week we will Participate in Recreational Games.

boys health and pe

This week we will Participate in recreational Games.


Mon. - Foods Unit Review

Tues. - Foods Unit Test

Wed. - Foods Unit Test

Thurs. - Table Manners

Fri. - Achieve


Focus: The Band is working on their Christmas Concert Music that will take place on December 12th.

Please try to take care of all band fees by December 7, 2018.

Band Fundraisers this year:  World’s Finest Chocolate Sale in January.

Remaining Performances or Activities Until Christmas Holidays

1st and 6th Period Band--

2nd and 7th Period Band

Our Christmas Concert is on December 12th in the SLHS Auditorium. The concert will begin@ 6pm

Students can dress in Christmas outfits.  They can wear Christmas hats, but the lights need to be turned off during the concert if there are lights on their hat.