State College Cycling Club Rider Levels

Ride Group

Speed Bands

Riding comfort zones and characteristics



Beginner riders generally ride less than 10 miles per ride. Generally ride 0-2 time per week and do not like hilly terrain.  The slow and easy pace is for beginners and short distance riders.



Slower more social riders who ride of 12-18 miles with few hills. Generally ride 1-2 times a week.



Riders who like distances but tend to be slower. Tend to ride 15-30 miles.  Do not mind some hills. Often do a metric century every year and ride 2-4 days a week.



Riders who like some speed and ride distances 20-30 miles. Like some hills. May ride several metric centuries a year. Includes older riders who liked modest speeds and distances.



Moderate riders who like good hills and go a bit faster and enjoy rides of 25-40 miles. View groups rides as training rides and go faster than a B pace. Many do several full centuries per season.



Strong riders with a competitive edge. It’s what they do. Like rides over 30+ miles. May due time trials and several centuries and endurance rides per season.

*A,B, and B- and C rides are typically scheduled every Tuesday night.

**With enough interest a faster B+ group may form.

**C- rides is offered Jun-Aug as the Thursday slow and easy ride.

*Tuesday rides typically are under 20 miles for C rides and most B groups ride under 30 miles due to light limitations. Weekend rides when announced typically are 30 to 60 miles in length.

**Picking a ride should be done based on the your average speed not the prescribed letter.