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A Trans-Maine Corridor in the Making ?

Consolidated Corridor, MEPCO Corridor, CMP’s NW Corridor ?

A few pieces remaining for an EW Corridor

Simulating Vigue’s envisionment!

No long term Benefit to Maine.

Out of State Labor Contractors

  • 1000 Turbine Goal ?

  • 1000 Turbines More?

CMP’s Northwest Proposal is for the exclusive Benefit of Hydro Quebec and possible Canadian Wind / Solar

To feed the need

Of Southern New England.

  • 26 More Wind Farms Envisioned for Maine

  •  358 current Wind Turbines Currently

  • 400 more slated for Aroostook

CMP Transmission Meeting in Bingham on Thur. 9/7/17 at 5:00 PM - (Attendance Encouraged)

Protect Maine’s UTs

Protect Maine’s


The following information has been passed on to me with a request that it be posted:

On Thursday, 9/7/17 at 5 pm at Valley High School in Bingham, CMP is holding a public information meeting on their proposed MCPC/NECEC transmission corridor that would run from the Canadian border in Beattie Township and on to the Johnson Mountain substation along route 201. CMP has not been forthcoming on the intended use of the 345kv line – stating it’s only for Canadian hydro, but Mass bids say otherwise. The Bingham meeting will be an opportunity to put them on the spot and get more details. There are 5 wind projects being proposed in Somerset County affecting the Moosehead region that will have to use the line to ship their power to Mass. The proposed Maine Clean Power Connection (MCPC)/New England Clean Energy Connection (NECEC) represent the northwest portion of CMP’s proposed 145 mile transmission running from the Canadian utility interconnection in Beattie Township then south thru Moscow, Pittsfield and connecting to the southern transmission line to Massachusetts in Westbrook. The proposed expansion is included in a variety of CMP bids for lucrative renewable energy contracts in Massachusetts. If selected , the transmission expansion would open the Moosehead Region and surrounding communities to an onslaught of industrial wind development posing a direct threat to their critical tourism economies.

Protect Maine’s Mountains

Somerset County Commissioners Wind Discussion on Wed, September 6 @ 3PM (Attendance encouraged)

Protect Maine’s


Time: 3:00 PM on Wed, 9/6/17

Place: 41 Court St. Skowhegan, ME

Purpose: Somerset County Commissioners to discuss resolution to oppose industrial wind development

Open to the public? -- YES

The following is excerpted from the Somerset County Commissioners meeting agenda for Wednesday, 9/6/17 at 3PM:

A copy of the agenda can be seen by clicking on the following link:


or by visiting the following link: http://www.somersetcounty-me.org/government/agendas.html


Wind Power Presentations in Greenville - Sat, 9/9/17 (Attendance encouraged)

"Presentations on wind development in the Moosehead Region by Moosehead Region Futures will take place Sat Sept 9 hourly from 11AM-3PM at the Center for Moosehead History - 6 Lakeview St Greenville, ME.

These are timed to coincide with this year's annual Seaplane "Fly In" and are part of the ongoing public awareness campaign publicizing the threat/adverse impact of industrial wind in the Moosehead Region. Anyone can attend and ask questions. No registration is required.

Protect The Majestic Moosehead Lake Region

Posted in behalf of Greenville & Bingham STEWC members