Here are the 8 Top Market Research Questions to ask:

1. What are your biggest challenges and frustrations around (your topic)?

(identify the key problems the potential customer faces)

2. What are these problems costing you?

(determine whether these problems are urgent enough to prompt them to buy something)

3. What goals do you have for (your topic) this year?

(reveal your market’s top goals and desires)

4. How would your customers life look like if they accomplish these goals?

(tap into the deeper emotions and motivations behind their goals)

5. If you could have any question answered about (your topic), what would it be?

(uncover topics that you didn’t think of including in your product)

6. If I created a product about (the problem you solve), would you be interested in buying it?

(gauge interest in your specific idea)

7. If I could promise (x results), how much would that be worth to you?

(decide on a price point)

8. How do you prefer to receive information about (your topic)? (i.e. video, audio, text)

(find the product delivery method that works best)