Who do I contact with questions about ordering or submitting my weekly questionnaire?

Please email Clinicals@NutrientFoods.com with these types of questions.

When are the weekly questionnaires due?

They are due by midnight on each Sunday. You will be emailed a link to that week’s questionnaire by the end of day on Thursdays.

What if I am unable to submit my questionnaire on time?

Please reach out to your coach or email Clinicals@NutrientFoods.com and let us know your submission will be delayed.

What else can I eat in addition to the Nutrient meals?

Please see the “What else to eat” section of this page for guidance

Can I modify the meals or do I need to follow the instructions exactly?

There are lots of ways you can mix up the meals. Check out our “Make It Your Own” recipe guide for ideas and feel free to ask your coach.

Do I need to eat the noodles/rice?

The nutrients are in the flavor packets so if you would prefer a different starch base (i.e. brown rice, quinoa, spaghetti, etc) then feel free to substitute out the noodles/rice. Just be sure to eat the flavor packet to get all the nutrients.

Where can I get the nutrition facts for a Nutrient meal?

Please see the Our Food section on the homepage

I'm experiencing some uncomfortable digestive side effects and seem to have painful gas and bloating. What should I do?

For any severe pain and continual gastrointestinal symptoms, please consult your physician.

You may experience occasional, mild, but uncomfortable side effects like gas and bloating from eating Nutrient meals. These are likely to occur at the beginning of the a study, but after a few days, you will adapt and the symptoms subside. Our meals are loaded with nutrients including fiber, which your intestine may not be used to seeing. The best advice is to consume each Nutrient offering, including shakes and bars, slowly over 20-30 minutes. You may also want to have a glass of water with each meal, but if so, please drink that slowly and make it last the duration of the meal.

While on a Nutrient study, am I permitted to drink alcohol or coffee?

You will get the best results if you drink things that don’t contain any calories like water, coffee, and tea. If you want other beverages like alcohol, please record that on your weekly data collection forms. Try not over-do alcohol consumption; all alcoholic beverages have calories, which contribute to weight gain.

How about fitness?

The focus of the Live Clinical studies is on the food and not exercise. If you are already exercising, then it is best to continue with the same regimen during the study. If you not currently exercising, please check with your physician first. Then, gradually increase activity level and duration. Most people benefit from engaging in 150 minutes of some activity each week.