ONWGC Announcements

***Sweeps earnings are posted on the Pro Shop bulletin board***


Congratulations to our October 2018 Ringer winners!            

Lowest hole-by-hole scores across all 3 courses (net) over a period of 4 months.            

Flight 1            Low Net        Prize

Acheatel, Janet            61.5            $12.00

Hambrick, Dawn            62            $7.00

Sawtelle, Bobbi            64           $4.00

Flight 2            Low Net            Prize

Cassidy, Michele            62            $12.00

Sullins, Stephanie            63            $7.00

Bumpus, Jeanne           64           $2.00

Sutton, Sara           64           $2.00

Flight 3            Low Net        Prize

Edwards, Joyce            59            $12.00

Somers, Tina            59.5            $7.00

Zirkle, Bev            66.5            $4.00

Our next Ringer starts in February!            

**Golf's New Rules: Major Changes for 2019**

Refer to http://www.usga.org/rules-hub.html for further explanation and videos

It is recommended that you play “ready golf” and make each stroke in no more than 40 seconds.

A new “Maximum Score” form of stroke play is recognized, where your score for a hole is capped at a max.

Ball at Rest

Ball in Motion

Taking Relief