Gateway Regional High School

Course Information

Art III - Grades 10-12


Mrs. O’Neill


Phone Number

856-848-8200  ext. 587

Course Website

Google Classroom code is mlm21t

Course Description

        Art III introduces oil paintings and silkscreen printing, but the majority or the course uses and builds skills from the previous two classes to allow students to begin to develop their own style and incorporate more visual communication into their work through more subjective themes and more student choice within assignments.  This course will generate work that can help students begin to develop a portfolio is he or she needs one for college and there will be more connections to art and design related careers within projects.

Course Expectations and Assessments


*Benchmark assignments will include a written piece and either a presentation or work of art

**The Art Show is 4th Marking Period Benchmark

Course Policies 

        This course does not incorporate regular homework assignments, however, there are deadlines for projects and assignments that are worked on in class and students often have to put in extra time in order to meet those deadlines.  Retakes are accepted quarterly benchmarks, but not projects, as they are done of long periods of time.  There are also assignments that coincide with projects done in class that will require time outside of class.

Required and Recommended Materials 

          All art supplies and a portfolio to keep work in are provided to the students.  They are are expected to come to class each day with a pencil, their chrome books and chargers.


I am available to extra help when students after school when needed.  As long as the student or parent makes arrangements to stay with me ahead of time, I am more than happy to help.

I understand that many students have sports and responsibilities after school, so I am willing to work with them during C Lunch.

 I am also open to students coming to work during their study halls, though I may not be able to give them much one on one help if it is a period that I am teaching.  I gave them my schedule on the first day of school and it is also posted on Google Classroom.

I will all handout on Google Classroom in case a student is absent and will always make time in class to catch them up on any techniques or skills they may have missed while they were out.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences