4’s League Announcements and Information

2018 Changes are Highlighted

Park Info

Parking: There is a parking lot near the field and near the baseball field. Do not block entrance to field.

Bathrooms: Are located near baseball field.  

No alcohol is allowed in the park.


Court assignments:  A copy of the schedule and a court map will be located under the pavilion for players to reference.


Net Setup/Takedown: Teams are responsible for getting the field by 5:45 to set up their court. One person from each court should report to the check in area to get the clipboard and court lines. Let Jen or Ben know of any missing or broken net parts. As soon as your final game of the night is complete, please pack up the net and bring the net bag to the trailer. Court lines should be rolled up separately and placed in their bin by the trailer.


Game Starting Times: The first match will start at 6:10 and the second match will start at 7:15. If the first match has not ended at 7:15, the whistle will signify the final play. In the event of a tie, the next point wins. If your opponent cannot field a legal team (at least 1 guy and 1 girl) by 6:10, game 1 is a forfeit. Game 2 is a forfeit at 6:30.


Game Play: Match format will be 3 games to 21. All games have a two-point cap. In August, all Game 3’s will be to 15. Teams will play two matches each night. The start of each match will be signalled with a whistle.


Team Composition

Any combination of males and females is acceptable provided one of each gender is on the court at all times. Teams can play with less than 4 players as long as the former is true. Teams can now have 5 players per night, but only 4 people can play per game. Only teams with 5 players on their roster can utilize a 5th player.  

Sub Policy:  The league has an open subbing policy. There is no cost to sub. Any player who has completed the online waiver is eligible to sub. Only players who have legally subbed for your team twice in a season, will be eligible for your playoff roster. If the sub does not sign in, there will be no record of that person playing and they will not be allowed to sign in after the fact. No exceptions will be made.

Sub Sign In: All subs will now sign in online using this form. This can be done in advance either by the sub or captain. All subs must sign in prior to playing each time they play.Subs that do not sign in by 6:00 will not be able to sign in. Subs that do not have a waiver will not be allowed to play unless they sign in before 6:00.  

Illegal Subs: It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure all subs sign in and have completed a waiver before play begins. If it is found that a sub playing with your team has not completed a waiver, your team will forfeit all previously played games with that sub AND lose the privilege of early registration the following year. 

Need help finding a sub? If you are having trouble finding a sub, post on our Facebook Page or look at our League Sub List.  Should you choose to forfeit, which is unacceptable, it is your responsibility to contact the captains of both opposing teams and league director, and let them know that you will not play your matches. This should be done before 4:00 p.m.  Captains who do not field a team on a given week, will lose the privilege of early registration the following year.

Score Reporting: This will now be done online. The captain of the winning team will be required to submit the match results. The link to the form was provided to captains and can be found under the pavillion. Results should be submitted promptly after each match.


Results: Weekly results will be posted here bit.ly/ocdstandings


Rain:  Weather decisions will be posted to the OCD Volleyball Facebook Page. This is a public page and you do not need to have a Facebook account to access it. Decisions will not be made prior to 5:00 p.m. We make our decisions based on the doppler radar and current field conditions. Rainouts are an anticipated part of the season. There are no make-ups for rainouts.


Cleanup:  We ask that you please leave the field cleaner than you found it. Please pick up your trash. The Meadows is a carry in carry out facility.