You will be required to SHOOT & DELIVER LARGE RAW Files via FTP.

No processing will need to be done on your part.


You will find detailed information and instructions for the order in the Instructions field and in the "View Notes" section of any package and add-on. Please review both of these areas carefully to fully understand the requirements of the order.

Location Preparation Document: NONE  - This client does not have a preparation document – but the location will be aware that they will need to make sure the property is ready to be photographed.

There is also NO LOCATION CONTACT for these orders. You do not have to schedule with anyone.

Check the order instructions for information about the requested shoot date window – the orders will typically be dispatched 2 weeks BEFORE they would like to have it shot. Do NOT shoot before the date listed in the order. The locations have until that date to get their property ready.

You will not need to contact the property for scheduling, but you MUST put a scheduled shoot date on the order in Fusion. If the weather is unfavorable, please change the shoot date. They are expecting blue sky/sunny day photos.

Example Images: http://fusion.realtourvision.com/332996

Photography Instructions:
- Photographers must shoot in a LARGE RAW file format (.CR2, .NEF) and provide all RAW images to RTV via FTP delivery.
- You will shoot
at least 3 Bracketed Exposures for each still image at 2 stops (±2EV) apart, i.e. -2, 0, +2.

- Make sure to set your ISO as low as ISO 320 but no higher than ISO 800.
- Shoot in manual mode with an
f-stop of f8.

- You must use a tripod.

- Stills must be at least 5000 pixels across the longest edge.

Shot List & Style Guide: 


Shot List: (This is listed on the sign off sheet too).

(5) Wide angle shots from multiple sides of the property (Landscape)
(1) Vertical (Portrait) exterior of the front of the property
(1) Property signage (Landscape – unless it is a pole sign and portrait format looks better)
(2) Roadside view / Curb appeal – shoot from close to the road to show view of the property from the street
(1) Any Other Notable Property Feature – If there is nothing special – shoot another regular exterior shot.

Sign Off Sheet: https://goo.gl/bzNcy9

This is to be used in conjunction with the shot list.

Fill out the top portion of the form with the order information and details about the package requirements.

Use this sign-off sheet to take notes and to keep track of which file numbers go with each room type or area. This will help you when you separate the files into the folders before uploading to the FTP.

For this account it is not required that you have it signed by the location contact or manager.

You can then scan it, or photograph it and deliver it to us via the FTP – see below for more details.


File Structure Template for FTP Uploads: https://goo.gl/9ywmPY

Using this file structure template and the instructions file included inside it, to organize your shots by area.

The master folder must be named with the 5 digit Tour Track Order Number, example: 12345
- Do not use the "#" symbol in the name.

Do not rename the images.

The area name that is written on the sign off sheet will then need to match the name of the subfolder you create.

Still images will be organized inside the "Stills" folder.
- Each area will need its own subfolder - there are a few example folders already created, rename them accordingly.
- All images taken of a space should be placed in the matching subfolder. Bathrooms and closets that are attached to bedrooms can be included in that rooms’ folder.

No Panoramas are required for this client’s shoots so there is no need for a Panoramas folder.

The "Documents" folder is for all sign off sheets associated with the order.
Please make sure that the sign off sheet is included in your upload, since this will be used to verify area names and to match up file numbers if necessary.

RTV's FTP Information: You MUST use an FTP Client to upload to the FTP.

Host = sftp.realtourvision.com
Port = 22
Protocol= SFTP
Username = fusion user name (email address)
Password = fusion password


FTP Tutorial & Instructions can be found in your Fusion Dashboard under Announcements/News.

If you need assistance in getting the FTP Client set up please contact support@realtourvision.com.

Completing the Order:
1. Upload the folder into the main directory of the FTP and wait for the file transfer to complete.

2. Once you have confirmed all files are successfully transferred, log into Fusion and open the order in Tour Track. Upload this image into the “HD Images” section:

3. If the order requires a tour please click the “Tour” button and create one. RTV will build the tour after processing the images.

4. Click the “Complete” button to advance the order into our queue for processing. This will notify RTV that your images have been successfully uploaded to the FTP and are ready for processing.

You must respond to our request for any missing files within 24 hours to avoid payout reduction.

Mileage: Requests must be made prior to accepting the order.


Cancelation Policy & Rescheduling Fees: Location contact must give at least 48 hour notice when rescheduling the appointment. There is a rescheduling fee for appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hour notice. Please contact RTV if this occurs.


Image Usage Rights: All photographic copyrights & ownership are given to the client but RTV and its photographers have been granted the permission to use the photographs for the sole purpose of promoting their photography services. 

Reach out to tourtrack@realtourvision.com with any questions.